Teachers Make All The Difference

When I first entered high school four years ago, I was introduced to an environment in which I could become something more than simply a student. Teachers and administrators knew my name; I was greeted as I walked in by faculty and peers, and I became involved in the greater community on a level only achievable at a small school like Louisville Collegiate School.

As my interests in mathematics and science grew, I was able to ask for supplemental material and had the opportunity to deepen my knowledge through independent studies, which led to tackling more challenging material. I found out quickly that my teachers were devoted enough to their students that they could help me pursue my desire for knowledge, and I felt that they were genuinely interested in my progress. As I came to know my teachers on a more personal level, I began to work with a couple of them as a teaching assistant.

Continuously throughout high school, I have learned that a personal friendship with my teachers has provided me with opportunities to diversify my involvement in the school’s facilities. This year marks the first for the school’s Makerspace, a place for students to develop their ideas using computer modeling software, a 3D printer, a laser cutter, woodworking equipment and electronics parts and tools. For my senior service, I worked in The Makery, volunteering my time to help build the space from an unused room to a functioning design laboratory. Not only has this experience allowed me to develop my own skills but it has also given me the opportunity to expose others to the importance and potential of the Makerspace.

I continued to experience the luxury of a relationship with the school’s faculty as I worked one-on-one with a college counselor through this year’s grueling college application process. I believe that this sort of individual attention and guidance through the difficult and technical aspects of applying is one of the many benefits Collegiate offers its students.

Finally, as I have progressed through high school, I have pursued numerous extracurricular activities, from academic clubs and competitions to musical productions. Collegiate does an excellent job encouraging students to seek out activities outside the classroom. I never saw myself as a particularly athletic student, but I nonetheless enjoyed being part of a sports team. I have had the opportunity to travel with the school to three different countries to practice my foreign language skills and engage in community service. Additionally, I have worked outside of school to receive my Private Pilot’s Certificate and conduct extracurricular research at the University of Louisville’s Speed School of Engineering. It has been refreshing to have such an enthusiastic administration that has supported my extracurricular interests and allowed me to leave early on days with last-period study halls to travel to the University and participate in my mentorship program.

Not only has a school like Collegiate been wonderful in helping me transition from middle school and feel welcome among the upperclassmen but also it has left me well-prepared for college-level courses, as I am an inaugural student in the school’s multivariable calculus class.

Overall, I feel exceptionally prepared to move on to the next phase of my life, and I am grateful for the enthusiasm, professionalism and personal attention that the Collegiate community has provided me over the last four years. VT

By Kyle Kersey, Louisville Collegiate School ’15 Alum