Say Hello To Shively

Your Voice Contributor

Shively Mayor Sherry Sinegra Conner

Let me tell you about the City of Shively! It really is a great place to live, work, and play.

We are one of 83 small suburban cities within Jefferson County.

We are close enough to Metro Louisville yet we are still able to maintain the quaint ambience of a small town.

Shively was incorporated in 1938 and built with the assistance of the whiskey taxes from the distilleries surrounding the city. There are still three major distilleries located inside the city.

We provide police and fire protection for residents and businesses and we have our own works/sanitation department.

We cover approximately 21 miles and have about 16,000 residents.

We are home to Kellogg’s Snacks, which produces 67 percent of the Girl Scout Cookies made and distributed around the United States.

We have made so many improvements to our two parks that singles and families of any age can enjoy them. We have a gazebo and three different size pavilions in our large park, located on Dixie Highway near the tank, another landmark that helps folks find city Hall.

Inside the large park we have a regulation size basketball court, a walking path, a tennis court with four quarters in it, plus a beautiful community building that can be utilized for a variety of events.

As you walk through the park, you will notice whiskey barrels that house plants along the way.

Recently, with the assistance of a Shively resident we have applied to have a “Community Wildlife Habitat” inside our city. I envision local folks and students from local schools visiting this site. The area for this project will be in our larger park.

Also, in our large park is an Ed Hamilton sculpture inside our Marty Axman Memorial “Fountain of Peace.” It is one of his earlier pieces and most people don’t realize he created it. Surrounding the fountain are pillars pertaining to past wars all the way up to the Vietnam War.

In our smaller park, Leeds Park, we now have a walking path, newly resurfaced tennis courts and added playground equipment so that now we have two fully operational parks for citizens to utilize regardless of where they live in Shively. Pavilions will be added this spring for folks to picnic under.

We recently added Christoph Piccard bell chimes to City Hall. They chime on the hour and can be to set to play songs. They have really added to that small town feeling we want so much.

We host several free events throughout the year for residents to take part in. We have an Easter Egg Hunt with lots of door prizes for children. Then our annual festival with rides, live music, booths of all kinds and a large fireworks display. During the holiday season we have our own “Light Up!” We sing holiday songs and wait for Santa and Mrs. Claus to arrive. And no one goes home empty-handed!

So if you would like to see some of our historic city built on whiskey taxes please don’t be shy. Stop in and we will be glad to tell you all about it!

Sherry Sinegra Conner
Shively Mayor