‘Man Caves’ Creates Space for 7th Generation Jim Beam Distiller

Everyone dreams of having that special room in the house that is “your space” and the head of Jim Beam, Fred Noe, is no different.

When he was approached by the popular cable show “Man Caves” to make over his garage, he jumped at the chance.
Even if you are a seventh generation master distiller and Jim Beam’s great-grandson, you still need that private place to unwind. For Fred Noe, it’s always been his garage or his man cave as he calls it. Built by his dad to store his boat and truck.

“It was pretty primitive. Dad wouldn’t let us do too much to it. It’s a garage. Don’t make it too nice,” Fred Noe said.
But then the folks from the popular TV show “Man Caves” called and asked him if they could spruce up the place.
“Our CMO who is a big fan of the show; he presented to them, told them who I was and what I do and we like to entertain. And he thought it would be the perfect mix for them to come and redo the garage,” Noe said.

The big reveal was shown on “Man Caves” in late January. But getting to the final product wasn’t easy. Adex Designs and Construction from Louisville essentially gutted the building and put in the basics. It took several weeks.

“It was a lot of fun. It was an experience of a lifetime,” George Southard, ADEX Designs and Construction, said.

It’s nicer than most homes. The space has a full kitchen, chandeliers and, of course, a Beam bar with special bottles tucked away on the top shelf.

“The second one to the right, that’s out of the old days. My dad gave that to my mom when they were dating. Wrote her name with a gold pen,” Noe said.

But probably Fred’s favorite part was seeing his family pictures.

“I think that’s what got me kind of emotional when I came in. I saw the pictures of my dad, the family. I got a little choked up,” Noe said.

And Fred has learned, just because it’s a man cave doesn’t mean the ladies of the family don’t hang out in here. In fact, he has a hard time getting them out.

“I was happy. It was a great space,” Noe said.