Valentines Workout with Your Honey

home-workout-coupleValentine’s Day is almost here.  Who doesn’t love eating chocolates and going out to a nice dinner? And let’s not forget the more….ummmm…..private ways of celebrating Valentine’s Day!

Well there is another way of celebrating Valentine’s Day that will make you feel less guilty about the chocolates and dinner and simultaneously improve the more private celebration that happens later on. I’m talking about a Valentine’s Day workout!

Here’s a great way to workout with your honey on Valentine’s Day just like we do in Boot Camp. It’s called “partner density training”. Here are 3 great partner fat loss circuits that you could do with your significant other. These workout protocols are known as “partner density training” and are one of the many we use in boot camp to burn a ton of fat and calories with a partner. Here’s how it works.

Each circuit has 2 exercises. You will perform 10 reps of the first exercise and your partner has to do the other exercise for however long it takes you to finish the first. Once you have finished your 10 reps your partner is done as well and you switch.

The goal is to get as many rounds done as you can in 5 minutes. Here are the three circuits.

Circuit #1

-Bounds x 10 reps

– Sit Ups

Circuit #2

– Push-ups x 10 reps

– Burpees

Circuit #3

– Jump Lunges x 10 each leg

– Wall Squat

The exercises themselves are pretty basic compared to what we normally do in Boot Camp but it’s a great bodyweight version that you can do at home.

If you like this circuit let me know.

This is a great way to challenge one another and have fun.  A family that works out together stays together.