Band Workout in the Park with a Friend

Everyone knows that they are much more likely to go do some exercise if they can get a friend to join them. So, why not incorporate some fun partner exercises? Get a friend who likes to get their workout on and go hit the park to try these challenging exercises.

When using a band the purpose is not to always isolate a specific muscle group but to activate and innervate your entire core. Be sure to make these exercises fun aband backwardsnd pull from your core.

Partner Backwards band runs- One person holds a squat and stabilizes while the other partner runs backwards the returns forward. You should begin running backwards before there is slack in the band; therefore, there is always tension. Each person does 10 reps before switching. Switch 3 times for a total of 30 backwards runs a piece.

Partner Band Tug o War– hold the band with both hands. When pulling backwards you should imagine playing tug o war as a kid. Give every pull all you have. Alternate pulls between partners. Do 10 per side then switch your feet around and do 10 on other side. Each partner should get a total of 60 pulls.

Partner Arm Blast– facing in the same direction one partner will extend their arms fully out in front while the other partner holds a bicep curl. Perform 10 extensions for the triceps then the other partner does 10 curls for the biceps. Alternating back and forth each partner does 30 total reps. Now switch positions and repeat sequence.

Check back next week for another 3 fun band exercises, as the options are limitless. The coolest part is that these bands can wrap easily around your waist and stay in place for your run. The elastic nature of the band holds it together acting as a belt.