12 Months to a New You

It takes 21 days to create a habit. But why stop there? If you follow these easy tips, you can change your life in small, easy steps – and at the end of the journey, introduce your family and friends to the new you!

Instead of trying to commit to perfecting one thing over the entire year, create 12 different goals for yourself that you’ll accomplish each month. You can use the examples provided or tailor them to your liking.


This is the easiest month because it’s early in the game and everyone is very motivated. Eliminate one of your worst health habits, such as drinking too much, or smoking. Everyone will be very different at this one. Whatever you choose, be sure to abide by it the entire month, and make it challenging. Use the motivation of a new year.


Most of us are still pretty motivated, so we are going to up the stakes this month. Refrain eating 2.5 hours prior to bedtime. Only drink water to fulfill your hunger or go to bed. This is when most people make poor judgments; therefore, you need to eliminate the temptation.


Drink 10 ounces of water before every meal or snack or alcoholic drink. This will not only hydrate you well but it will cause you to make better choices because you won’t feel as hungry. Also, if water isn’t available, then you’re probably not getting ready to eat something healthy.


It’s time to start getting in shape for summer! Do 25 pushups and 25 sit-ups every night. This may be difficult for some. Suck it up and do it. If it is very easy, then add 10 to it. The goal is not to make it difficult but just create a habit of doing them every night.


Eat breakfast every morning. Most people are not hungry in the morning. This is because they overeat at night and they have a slow metabolism. Your metabolism won’t speed up overnight, but this simple rule of thumb will get it there in time.
As much as you don’t want to hear it, quit your bad January habit again. You’re half way to a new you. The new you will not empower this habit. No excuses like, school is out or my kids are home. Think like it’s New Year’s again!


Get eight hours of sleep a night. Sleep and stress can both cause fat gain. You should be feeling much healthier at this point. A good night’s sleep will help you be even more productive during the day.


You should now feel like a completely new person with gobs of energy. Add one hour of cardio three days a week. Put that energy to good use and start creating a healthier heart. You can use a bike, treadmill, cross trainer or just go out for an hour walk.


Never eat past full. This is why America is so fat. It’s not about the food we eat. It’s about how much of it we eat. When you are eating and you feel satisfied, STOP. Don’t keep going just to finish your plate or because it tastes so good.


This is my birthday month, so I’m going with my favorite tip: eat six times a day. This will also help speed up your metabolism. Obviously you don’t want huge meals, but every few hours, you should be eating small portions.


Implement your least three favorite monthly goals from the last 10 months. It’s the holiday season when people struggle the most, so you really need to reach out and try hard ahead of time. Write down what three months it’s going to be at the beginning of the year and see if it’s the same when the time comes.


Implement your three favorite monthly goals. By this point you should already be doing this with ease, anyways. Therefore, this is an entire cheat month. Enjoy your holidays in MODERATION. – and then write down your next 12 months of goals.

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