Yoga Mala for Africa

On January 2, 502 Power Yoga hosted a community-wide Yoga Mala (108 salutations) led by 12 instructors from different regional yoga studios at The Muhammad Ali Center. Ben Sollee provided music for this incredible event, which benefited the Africa Yoga Project.

Photos by TIM VALENTINO | Contributing Photographer

Aubrey Fingerson photographed the event.Heather Fetner and Heather and Thea Molina.Thea and Heather Molina.Betsy Jones of Betsy\'s Hot Yoga instructs a segment.Micah Chandler participated in the event.Ben Sollee played as an instructor lead the segment.Ben Sollee.Betsy Jones.Betsy Jones of Betsy\'s Hot Yoga and Sarah Smith of 502 Power Yoga.Ben Sollee.Heidijoy Stenson.Glenn Gail.Beth Tantanella.Becca Washer and Kelly Meadway.Alli Jones (far left) leads a segment.Mimi Hahn and Rebecca Bickett.Micah Chandler.Tasha Laman and Ben Deetsch.Micah Chandler.