Women of Distinction “Dining Out In Style”

Dress for Success Louisville hosted its Women of Distinction – “Dining Out in Style” event at the Galt House Hotel on October 8. The event was designed to honor the clients and leaders of  Dress for Success and all their hard work in helping women get back into the workforce through counseling, advice and free outfits for job interviews.

Photos by TIM VALENTINO | Contributing Photographer

LeighAnn and Dr. Mark J. Lynn, Dr. Mark E. and Cindy Lynn, Jan Goff and Craig and Dr Brittany Holeman.Dressed for Success Executive Director Betty Fox.Kate Duncan and Cheyenne Mecier.Claire Latta with Jessica Taylor of My PATH Foundation.Jennifer Merrick, Lisa Bauman, Kim Freeman, Lindsey Miller, Debbie Wexler, Angie Broom, Marita Willia, Elizabeth Hughes and Angela Arnett.William and Julia Carstanjen, Katrina Miller, Elizabeth Wester, Jason Sauer, Adrian and Kristin Warfield, Mike and Jessica Ziegler and Lauren DePaso.Pat Peet.Pat Peet.Carolle Jones Clay.Carolle Jones Clay.Gladys Barclay.Gladys Barclay.Gladys Barclay.Charlotte Ipsan.Charlotte Ipsan.Kathy Pleasant.Kathy Pleasant.Kathy Pleasant.Karen Williams.Karen Williams.Barbara Montgomery.Barbara Montgomery.Barbara Montgomery.Laura Douglas.Laura Douglas.Laura Douglas.Judge Paula Sherlock.Judge Paula Sherlock.Viki Diaz.Judge Paula Sherlock.Viki Diaz.Viki Diaz.Shannon White.Shannon White.Shannon White.Shannon White.Ginger and Craig Knox and Stephanie Massler.Samantha Chatman.James and Eula Fox, Jessica Holman, Steve Tharpe, Jania Banley and Keith Satterfield.Samantha Chatman.Elizabeth Woolsey and Gilbert Corsey from WDRB.Elizabeth Woolsey and Gilbert Corsey from WDRB.April Gresham and Von Purdy.William Mefzger, Alex Baker and J.P. Davis.Dr. Mark E. and Cindy Lynn.Scott and Chrissie Richardson.Betty Fox and Tammy Motley.Betty Fox and Cindy and Dr. Mark E. Lynn.Julia and William Carstanjen.Betty Fox and Tammy Motley.William and Julia Carstanjen.Alexis Mack.Alexis Mack.Alexis Mack.Alexis Mack.Monica Lun.Monica Lun.Alexis Mack and Monica Lun.Monica Lun.Alexis Mack and Monica Lun.Alexis Mack and Monica Lun.Marcia Fackler.Desiree Thayer.Desiree Thayer.Stephanie Massler of Doe Anderson and Craig Stevenson.D.Dee Shaw, Monica Edwards and Morgan and Shawn Willoughby.Linda Onnen and Tawnya Clark from G.E.Jeff Onnen and Steph and Andrew Horne.Kayla Wang and Connie Zhao.