WFPK’s 20th Anniversary

91.9 WFPK celebrated 20 years of Radio Louisville on January 9 at the Brown Theatre. This Louisville All Star Jam featured Ben Sollee, Wax Fang, Twin Limb, members of Houndmouth and more. Proceeds from the concert benefited 91.9 WFPK, Louisville’s independent music station.

Photos by BILL WINE | Contributing Photographer

91.9 WFPK 20th anniversary celebration VIP After-Party.Bryan Trusty and Ashley Williamson.Mary Beth Moore and Lenny Mello.Brian Miracle and Emma Crump.Robyn Sekula, WFPK Program Director Stacy Owen and Jessica Bergman.Beth Nolte and Mark Steiner.Della Micco and Wendey Waggoner.Ricki Cate and Alex Deaton.Nathan Newman and Kristin Shelburne.Ann James, Bee Jerus, Shanna Sunde and Anna Broadhurst.Joel and Cory Poldberg.John Timmons, Denise Puthuff and Daniel Gillaim.WFPK Program Director Stacy Owen cut the celebration cake.John Paul Dyar, Maureen Danahy, Valeria Garcia and Shaun Danahy.Kevin Conner and Nick Felton.Theresa and John Paul Dyar, Maureen Danahy,Donna Kiefer, Calister Schnuck, July Tyler and Debra Krekel.Brandi Latta, Jenn Meredith and Katie Delaune.WFPK Ibuka Roach, WFPK Benny Harris, Heidi Helmers and WFPK Michael Young.Logan Zell, Johny Davis, Corey McAfee and Karen Davis.Carin Isaacs, Rita Hynes, Erin Bailey and Katie Lee Jones.91.9 WFPK 20th anniversary celebration VIP After-Party.Cindy Rice Grissom, Susan Vine, Carin Isaacs and Linda Rice.Ben Sollee and Bee Jerus.Cezary and Ewa Wlodarczyk.91.9 WFPK 20th anniversary celebration VIP After-Party.