Warrior Empowerment Foundation Toast to Troops

Guest bartenders served up drink specials from Buffalo Trace at the Bardstown Bristol Bar and Grille on August 6. The event was a planning session for the upcoming Tribute to Troops Benefit on October 10.

Photos by JAMES EATON | Contributing Photographer

\Anthony Watson, Clay Greenwell, Austin Koester, Abby Greenwell, Vincent Niev, and Adam McCord.Lenny Mellow, Gary Pepper and Matt Dicken- Bristol Alumni 86\'.Alison Hedges, Michael Greenwell- Chairman of the Warrior Empowerment Foundation, Hank Patton of USACares and Cindy Good of USACares.Scott Yates with Kiddoo, Nathan Mann and Tammy Cruce.Stacey and Troy Koon with Whitney and Sean Durbin.Michael Greenwell- Chairman of the Warrior Empowerment Foundation and Billi Greenwell.Rebecca Kimura, Michael Higgs with Samuel Murdock.Debbie Adams and Ashley Adams.Justin Paul Lewis provided lite music throughout the evening.Kelly Krascher, John Ingle, David Green, Tip McCurdy and Jim Shields.Mike Powell, Maggie Young and Kevin Young.Eleanor Westenhofer and Pete Peters- GM of Bristol Highlands.Pete Peters- GM of Bristol Highlands and Larry Mellows- Bristol Alumni \'86.Matt, Mike and Marissa Higgins.Kevin Kern, Carly Ridge and Ryan Hocker.Caroline Knop, Michael Higgs and Ellen Gill McCarty.Clay, Billi, Michael and Abby Greenwell.Denise Sohm, Cheryl Poole and Laura Melillo.Billi Greenweel and Katie Van Zant.Nichole Fairfield and David Cureton.\Lisa Columbia and Michael Greenwell- Chairman of the Warrior Empowerment Foundation.