The Voice of Louisville Summer Launch Party

On June 8, we at The Voice-Tribune, in conjunction with Little Black Dress Wines, held the launch party for the summer edition of The Voice of Louisville at Le Moo. Guests enjoyed wine specials courtesy of Little Black Dress and were able to sample some of Le Moo’s renowned cuisine. And of course, they got the first look at this season’s The Voice, which features the resplendent KanXux resort on the cover. The Voice of Louisville summer edition is on stands now.

Photos by BILL WINE

Voice Summer Magazine Release Party.Charlotte Allen, Carl Bensinger and Toni Marhefka. Charlotte celebrated her birthday at the event.Trudy Ross, Rienelle Hoover and Tracey Clayton.Trina Morris and Laura Gallo.Rocko Jerome.Lorraine Hopman and Laura Blandford.Jeff Gray and Cindee Middleton.Kristin Olsen, Lissa and Ashley Murray.Toni Marhefka, Charlotte Allen and Lori Hallal. Charlotte celebrated her birthday at the event.Bob Murphy and Marty Favorite.Stacey Robinson, Fain Brooks, Tina List and Carol Kratz.Kelly Gaston, Kim Kessler, Angie Wagner and Bonnie Echelberger.Ellis Mitchell and Anna Lara Fischer.Amy Brennenstuho, Joe Fairleigh and Kim Abell.Lori Hallal and Carol Jensen.Steve Stanley, Susan Graves and Joan Gagel.Dale and Ceal Vish.Mattie Brown, Lynn and John Schwartz, and Sharon and Charlie Westenhofer.Ivan Bailen, Bob Brown and Mary Riggs.Kim Plock and Lawanna Frey.Voice Summer Magazine Release Party.Kimberly Miller, Dionne DelSignore and Robyn Batts.Joe Cox, Ed McClure, Brian Hyatt and Patrick Spalding.Jessica and Jordan Clines with Donnie Snelling.Barbara Queen, Santa Walt Queen and  Allison Lewis.Carmen Luckett, Catherine and James Darmstadt, Alison Malone and Rebecca Andrada.Gary and Mary Jo Byrne.Rob Scott, Rajesh Joseph, Chef Chip Lawrence and Wes Wilhite.Larry Shapin and Ladonna Nicolas.Voice Summer Magazine Release Party.Allison Lewis and Valerie J. Smith.Micah Chandler and Allison Lewis.Jerry Levy, Amanda Rose and Ray Dermon.Karen Cox and Guy Tedesco.Voice Summer Magazine Release Party.Catherine Bishop, Tyleen Stoutt and Ann Siebel.Voice Summer Magazine Release Party.Voice Summer Magazine Release Party.Kevin Grangier, Cathy Kruer and Bette Stearns.Voice Summer Magazine Release Party.Voice Summer Magazine Release Party.Sandy Friedman, Britt Cooper and Candice Hann.