The Voice of Louisville Launch Party

On March 24, we hosted a launch party for the Derby preview edition of The Voice of Louisville glossy magazine at The Ville Taqueria. Guests enjoyed drink and food specials as they perused the pages, which feature stories on the Kentucky Derby Festival’s Stacey Robinson, Cellar Door Chocolates, Nu-Yale Cleaners, Unbridled Eve, the LMPD and more! The magazine is on stands now.

Photos by BILL WINE

The event venue was The Ville Taqueria.The Voice of Louisville Derby Preview Launch Party.Linda Rose, Sherry Capito, Craig Friedman and Chris Roberts.David M. James and Stacey Robinson.Michael Stephenson and Rocko Jerome.Chip Atkins and Bobby Clarkson.Karen Hauber and Susann Fangman.The Voice of Louisville Derby Preview Launch Party.Mary Rose Mattei, Guy Tedesco and Ellen Christian.J. Rounsie Mashburn and Freddie Hatfield.Stephanie Shacklette, Jason Burgard and Sally Beckham.Jason Kees, Stacey Robinson and Jeff Hunter.The Voice of Louisville Derby Preview Launch Party.Rocko Jerome and Walt Novotka participated in a arm wrestling match.Lori Dougherty.Kim Turner and Keith Hall. Keith celebrated his birthday while attending the event.Stacey Robinson, Darryl and Sandy Roland, Glen Hill.Lori Dougherty and Michelle MandroJeff Algood and Kris Vance.Katya and Nolan Estes, Madison Cook.Katya Estes.Jerry Hensel and Pat Domke.Steve Steilberg, Mary Love, Jerry Levine and Lee Hollis.Kellie Hagan and Darryl Willoughby.Dale and Ceal Vish.Nadia London, Katya Estes and Megan Wilde.Susan Graves, Steve Stanley and Svea Allgeier.Glenn Gail and Tina Thomas.Stacey Robinson and Glen Hill.The Voice of Louisville Derby Preview Launch Party.The event venue was The Ville Taqueria.