Twilight Thursday

In the early evening of June 23, guests headed to Churchill Downs to attend the latest Twilight Thursday. Every week, live music, food trucks and racing makes for the most exciting happy hour in town.


Aimee Jarrett, Jeffrey Klemish and Ashley and Austin Hopkins.Jean Amick and Joey and Jordan Hood.Kenneth and Gail Phoenix.Ross Blondel, Deedee Westbay and Bill Mary Ash.AlyssaSmith, Jamelie Kineys and Lindsey Gillespie.Diane Simmons, Cathi McGloughan and Nez Weber.Phil Kelley.Rachael McAllister, Brittany Zieger, Kourtney Conner and Meghan Williams.Sam Reider and Tim Lickteig from 5Thousand1.Kristie Senn, Kevin Barry and Vickie Spies.Hendrick, Adelaide, Kent Brigham and Melanie.5Thousand1.5Thousand1.5Thousand1.5Thousand1.Brianna Coburn,Alison More, Chris Kaufman and Caitlin McClure.Mark B., Cathy Lalumandier and Terry Heim.Kayla Robertson, Paige Robey and Brent Teichman.Cheryl Vanderlip, Derek Walter, Rhonda Post and Sammie Rosenstein.Matt and Dave PiersonAngelle Day and Richard Wittwer of Skills USA Utah.

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