They’re Off! Luncheon

The official corporate kickoff of the 2016 Kentucky Derby Festival saw more than 1,500 Derby Festival supporters and patrons in attendance for this community tradition, which was held in the Grand Ballroom of the Galt House Hotel on April 22. This year’s speaker was Kenny Payne, who joins a long list of luminaries who have previously spoken at this prestigious event.

Photos by BILL WINE

Phil Thomas and Dwight Ashley.Marita Willis and Father Bill Hammer.2016 Foundation Chair Leslie Broecker, Natasha Collins and Chris Whelen.Zach Estes, Carrole Jones Clay and Steve Trager.Carla Reid and Jill Bell.Dallas Robinson, Scott Bruzek, Mareike Yocum and Kent Steer.Beautiful flowers adorned a table inside the VIP room.Roy and Kathy Potts with Bill Lamb.\Jessie Smith and Amy Streeter.Abigail Smith, Barbara Osterritter, Lindsay Gaddie, Mary Rose Hulsey, John Cosby, Denise Johnson and Meghan Murphy.Mike Bailey, Kevin Bartee, Kevin McKenna and Dick Burns.Yvonne Board and Dwen Chester.Shelly Lomax and Carmen Tyler.Mary Volkerding, Christina Bowlin and Kristan Mowder.Lauren Parrish and Shannon Kaiser.Harold and Donna Kinser.Nicole Twigg, Dineene Bradley and Margaret Romine.Shari House and Ashely Klein.Donna Kinser with Ridge and Bonnie Endres.James Mindak, Shari House, Ashely Klein and Bill Roby.Louis Watterson, Amanda Duffy, Leah Brown and Kevin Garvey.Lise Kruer and Adam Naville.Maggie Neil, Nick Bennett and Patty Frazier.The emcee was Sterling Riggs.Father Bill Hammer.2016 Kentucky Derby Festival Chair Wes Rutledge.Churchill Downs Racetrack President T. Kevin Flanery gave a special Kentucky Derby jacket to the keynote speaker Kenny Mayne.Churchill Downs Racetrack President T. Kevin Flanery.