Superstars, Legends and Songs from the Levee

Guests had a fantastic time at a party for Patti Moore’s birthday party, at The Pointe in Butchertown that featured the food of Chef Bobby Benjamin that promoted the offerings of his future restaurant, Butchertown Grocery.

Photos by TIM VALENTINO | Contributing Photographer

Hanna Benjamin and Rachel Keens.Josh Laughlin, E;izabeth and Jack Conway, Christian and O\'Malley Dreisbach and Rachel Keens.Douglas Riddle and Brad Calobrace.Kasey Maier, Rowland Jones and John Moore.Featured Chef Bobby Benjamin of the upcoming Butchertown Grocery with his wife Hanna Benjamin.Little Danish with hosts John and Patti Moore.Colin and Woo Speed McNaughton.Kurt Yahjian, Mayor Greg Fischer, Frank Munoz and Ted Neeley.Atria CEO John Moore.From the original Jesus Christ Superstar movie, Kurt \Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Legend Spooner Oldham.Atria\'s Stephan Ertl.Patti Moore\'s birthday cake arrives.Patti Moore prepares to blow out her birthday candles.Singer-songwriter Kate Campbell.Stephen Lewis.

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