Summer Jazz at Farmington

On June 4, guests gathered at Historic Farmington Plantation for the lovely and laid-back Summer Jazz at Farmington. Jazz and swing music featuring members of the Louisville Orchestra and Teddy Abrams delighted attendees, as did light hors d’oeuvres and cocktails.


Rick Albrink and Tanja Eichenboom.Brian and Swann Lander and Linda Smith.Christy Givan.Emily Allen.Susa Hoe, Dixie Akers and Laura Zoo.Bob Brand, Pat Brasch and Guy Montgomery.Carol and Charles Hebel and Libby Montgomery.Dan Zook, Kathy Stammerman, Director Diane Young and Mke Stammerman.Rick Albrnk, Jim and Liddy Beth Rightmyer and Tanja Eikenboom.Adam Fuller and Jeremy Milam.Trish and Andrew Fleischman.Kathryn Johnson, Emily Longaecker, Emily Allen and Christy Givan of the Commonwealth String Players.Bill Brasch, Charlie Hebel and Speed and A.C. Stodgill.Christine Cline, Amy Guyton and Nancy Brand.Bob Roth and Susie Conley.Dixie and Dennis Akers, Bill Hyden, Laura Zook, Susan Hooe and Dan Zook.Billyeand Joe Potts and Debra McGovern.Adam and Leigh Fuller and Sarah and Jeremy Milam.