St. James Court Art Show

St. James Court, in the heart of Old Louisville, played host to one of the nation’s premier art shows last weekend. The show ran October 2-4 and featured hundreds of booths displaying countless works of art from far and wide, including some by local Louisville artists.

Photos by TIM VALENTINO | Contributing Photographer

Tim, Charley and Courtney Corrigan.Heather O\'Mara, Karl Renninger, Darlene Maschari, Tony Viscardi, Sheila and Ed Marcellino and Jim and Kathy Sumser.Tony and Marla Viscardi and John Austin.Judge Eric Haner and George Stinson.Herb Fink and St. James Court Association President Bill Holladay.Steve Butler, R. Wayne Jenkins, Wendy Butler and Steve Van Hooser.J.R. and Amy Streeter.Susan Priest, J.R. and Amy Streeter and Will Myers.Denise Steele, Joe Russell, Nancy Storms and Keith, Linda and Renee Russell.James Crockett tries on a hat at one of the vendor booths.Anna Coe, Avery Kraft, Isabel Coe, Spencer Coe, Brooke Rainier and Carrie Coe.Suzi Gerichs and Annie Abouhassan.Samantha Richardson, Eric Werner and Vince Pompei.Tony and Marla Viscardi and John Austin.Lin Martinique.Diane French.Jim Sumser from Sandusky with Heather O\'Mara and Karl Renninger.Alejandra Avile from Atlanta.Sonja Wethington and Brenda Whitmer.Melissa Eskridge, Jayne Kincaid and Jennifer Fraley with Scout.Katie and Jean Deignan, Maria Eckerle and Rosie Scott.Darlene Metts, Dr. Robert Powell and Maria Eckerle.Marybeth and Craig Layne.Lisa Bair and Joe Sturgill.Big Poppa Stampley.Golden Gates Food.Lee Mai.Lee Mai.Lee Mai.Lee Mai.Infinity Art Glass.Infinity Art Glass.Infinity Art Glass.Infinity Art Glass.