Squallis Puppeteers’ Stir Crazy Saturday Showcase

Squallis Puppeteers, as they like to say, are crazy, so they kicked off their Saturday Show Series for 2015 by performing every show on their current touring show roster in one day.

Photos by TIM VALENTINO | Contributing Photographer

Maisy and Brynn Miller.Michelle Bodner and Gabrielle Mehling.Doug and George.Steffen and Holden Erler.Cassidy and Devin Caid.Ralph and Zachary Walz.Mandy Thompson and Henry Wunderlich.Peggy Christensen and Oscar Hennessey.Maisy and Brynn Miller.Food Fight.Food Fight.Holly and Wyatt Ringo.Mary and Jamie Stafanski with Linda Fuselier.City Comics.City Comics.City Comics.City Comics.Ryan and Harper Cohee of Red Top Gourmet Hotdogs.Sally and Brooke Birnsteel.Zach Bramel.Misty Hamilton and Regan Layman.Shaun Hennessey and Super Sam of City Comics.Michelle Hale and Regina.William and Damara Jenkins.Chad and Wyatt Ringo.Tony Benzick and Nora Christensen with Eggy of Food Fight.