Speed of Light Derby Night Celebration

The thundering of thoroughbreds’ fastest hooves culminated in the Speed of Light Derby Night Celebration at 21c Museum Hotel. Guests celebrated the future of The Speed Art Museum while immersed in contemporary art at 21c, immediately following the Derby on May 2. Sponsored by Angel’s Envy, West Sixth Brewing, Kangarilla Road and Axxis, the event featured an open bar, music and lasers by GlitterTitzDjz.


21c GM Phil Forte and Scott Cooksey.Drek Sherrard and Sanka Takovich.Tyson Radtke, David Anderson, Ginger Cravens and Kirsten and Jeremy Reisig.Melanie Pugh, John Haley, Maddy Mattingly.Rafael Meto and Charlotte Browning.Sam and Laurie Landy.Jeff Schaefer, Julie and Kurt Keeney and Robyn and Manuel Quintero.Chase McCoy, Brooke Wallace, Timothy Phillips and Yulia Morozova.Tyson Radtke, Casey Brandenberger and Kirsten and Jeremy Reisig.Karti Reddy, Edward Heavrin, Kelsey Erdossy, Micah Wood, Adnan Drvshi and Jen Fiorica.Marika, Dean, Michelle and Louis Christopher.Maria Remington, Timothy Domain, T. Carolyn Levin and Christine Harper.Debbie Hayes and Maria Remington.Keith and Jacqueline Holdbrooks.Michelle, Kyle, Wes and Julie Henderson.Andrew Mangano and Rachel Ames.Vicky Ronnguey and Raul Storey.Wil Heuser and Dacia Sherrill.Charley Nutter, Rebecca Norton, David Hofrfman and Brad Lystra.