The Speed Art Museum’s “Big Reveal”

The “Big Reveal” party, held at The Speed Art Museum on November 7, invited Patron Circle members into the space for the very first time. Showed off naked – without art – the museum was the host for a laser show, a silent disco, glowing high-tech paint light shows and food and beverage provided by Wiltshire Pantry. Heaven Hill crafted a special Hypnotic cocktail for the event, and music was provided by The Monolith with Jecorey “1200” Arthur.

Photos by BILL WINE | Contributing Photographer

The Big Reveal.Pat Wissing and Bridget Williams.The Big Reveal.Valerie and Nathan Fuchs.Lesa McDavitt Seibert and Gregg Seibert.The Big Reveal.Kevin Borland, Kara Nichols and JP Davis.Gregg and Katie Davidoff, Corey Phillippe and Eric Doninger.Katie Davidoff, Patrick and Sheila Welsh and Gregg \Laura Jones, Babs and Lee Robinson, Dave Hall.Karen Abrams and Ladonna Nichols.Paul Casi II, Karen LaClare Casi and Al Pardis.\Charlie and Mary Beth Clark, Steven Bowling.Shannon and Kendall Cogan, Laura Melillo Barnum and Joyce Jennings.The Big Reveal.Woo Speed McNaughton and Colin McNaughton.Speed Art Museum Laser Show Big Reveal.Kendall Cogan, Joe Steier, Mark Eliason, Shannon Cogan, Jeffrey Howard, Sony Steier, and George and Dianne Timmering.Mark Eliason and Jeffrey Howard.Speed Art Museum Laser Show Big Reveal.The Big Reveal.Heather Kleisner and Becky Freytag.Maxine Bird, Allan and Kate Latts.Hunter Sattich and Emily Digenis.The Big Reveal.Tamara Frank, Michelle Staggs and Judy Riendeau.Gwathmey and Ginny Tyler.Danielle Schaefer, Taylor and Jessie Broughton.Brian Thieneman, Rebecca Gronotte, David Grantz and Ashley Frick.Ashley Eifler and Doug Whyte.Blaine McLaughlin, Hollis Gargala and Jeffrey Howard.Erika Holnquist-Wall, Shelly Ann Kamei and Maggi Reed.The Big Reveal.Speed Art Museum Laser Show Big Reveal.Cathy Yarmuth, Mayor Greg Fischer, Chief Executive Officer Ghislain d’Humières, Congressman John Yarmuth and Dr. Alexandra Gerassimides.Chief Executive Officer Ghislain d’Humières, Mayor Greg Fischer and Congressman John Yarmuth.Bryan Gillespie and Craig Perkins.Cheri Collis White and Kate Latts.Larry Shapin participated in a artistic event activity.The Big Reveal.