South Points Buy Local Fair

The Louisville Independent Business Alliance (LIBA) hosted the first ever South Points Buy Local Fair on July 9 at the Iroquois Park Amphitheater. The fair included a marketplace from local businesses, an international food court, artists and so much more.

Kim and Sheila Leanhart.Whitney Arnold and Quippe.Kristin Binkowski, Heidi Krause and Mrs. Louisville Erica Grossley.Jenna Prince-Murphy.Adam Johnson and Sheila Carter.Iris and David McDonley.Tom and Lois Esrey, McKenzie Cantrell and Beth Thorpe.Eric and Kristi Getsfred.Michael Black.Amanda Gardner, Briana Reed and Tracy Bennett.Marianne Butler.Cat Williams and Abby.Adam Younger.Kathy Van Ryzin and Kelly Pruitt.Tory McBrien and Mary Kate Bake.Clare Rutz and Kathryn Shields.Leslie Whisenhunt and Lisa DeLeuil.Nicole and Mike Plichta.Michelle Amos.Mary Anne Tinnell, Barbara Nichols and Charlie Keyes.Karen Finlinson and Penelope Hudson.Scott Ferrelli.


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