Sips & Cigars

Southern Gaming’s first Sips & Cigars Happy Hour took place on the evening of June 4 at Captain’s Quarters. Guests at the free event enjoyed bourbon delights from Angel’s Envy, appetizer specials and cigars, while listening to live music from Hickory Vaught. Rising Star Casino provided giveaways for rooms, golf and free play.

Photos by BILL WINE | Contributing Photographer

Doug Dreisbach lit a cigar.Doug Dreisbach, Leigh Ellen Erickson, Yulia Morozova and Chance Sowers.Joe Nelson, Sarah Conley, Leigh Ellen Erickson, Yulia Morozova and Kyle Henderson.Art Lemons, Jon Blanton, Mark Windorst and Doug Dreisbach.Sips & Cigars Happy Hours.Beautiful weather graced the event held at Captain\'s Quarters.Kim Neuner, Evelyn Kinman, and Kay Peak.Diane and Jon Cooke.Richard and Elizabeth Leece.Art Lemons and Reginald Gaston.The event was held on the deck at Captain\'s Quarters.Doug Dreisbach, Mara Eballar, Kyle Henderson, Brooke Wallace and Yulia Morozova.Courtney Peters and Lori Doughtery.Cecil Goodloe and Lila Plambeck.Rachael Marrillia and Roger Angel.Doug and Glen Dreisbach.Lori Doughtery registered at the event.Sips & Cigars Happy Hours.Lila Plambeck and Cecil Goodloe enjoyed the wonderful weather at the event.Doug Dreisbach spoke.Julia Carstanjen and Yulia Morozova.Tina Pilcavage, Jennifer Miklavcic, Megan Nadzan and Kelly Hanson.Gary Burkhead and Jim Carey.\

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