Rodeo Drive Grand Re-Opening Party

On October 29, Rodeo Drive in Holiday Manor threw a grand re-opening celebration. Guests were treated to designer giveaways, scratch-off coupons, hors d’oeuvres and cocktails provided by Heaven Hill. In addition, one lucky shopper had the chance to win a $500 shopping spree.

Photos by TIM VALENTINO | Contributing Photographer

Lucy Duane, Chelsea Coury and Anna Dearen.Lucy Duane, Chelsea Coury and Anna Dearen.Belinda Haynes and Michael Young.Maxine Rouben.Ashlee Valentino and Pat Ballard.Jessica Moore and Tara Hagerty.Molly Zurlage and Dana Corson.Jane Wurth and Theresa Shaw.Alexandra Paul, Ronald Koff and Kelly Koetter.Megan and Margie McCall.Deborah Zickefoose, Vicki Smith and Jayna Jamison.Ingrid Hernandez, Doreen Barnhart DeHart, Jeaneen Barnhart and Ashton Gahm.Laura Swenson, Rhonda Jo Conner and Elizabeth and Rachel Remmers.Donna Ingram, Donna Schwartz, Susan Graves and Svea Allgeier.Raj Manwani, Bruce Tasch and Bhagwan Manwani.Candy Kommor  Coppaken and Lisa Klein.Kim Nasief and Jessica Moore.Candy Kommor Coppaken, Victoria Reznikoff and Lisa Klein.Ashton Gahm and Amanda Dickerson.Megan and Joni Hibbard.Patti Swope and Kim Nasief.Margie Kolm and Renee Greenspan.Margie Kolm, Annette Geller, Fleck Laurie, Sarah Speilberg and Renee Greenspan.