Roast & Toast of Terry Meiners

Seven Counties Services hosted its inaugural Roast & Toast event featuring guest of honor Terry Meiners on March 3 at the Louisville Marriott Downtown. The event, which included good-natured teasing, was dedicated to the memory of Mike Kremer, a 19-year employee of Seven Counties and long-time friend of Terry.

Dennis Bolton, Don Brumleve and Jim Gerstle.Bruce and Debra Lott.The event was held at the Marriott Downtown.Dr. David Jolgren and Joann Jolgren.Tom Wilhite and Krystyna Murphy.Aaron Odom, James Martin and Kyle Johnson.Jason and Lucia Applegate, and Jennifer and Matt Zimmerman.Brad Curry, Kristin Young,  Erin Santise and  Bryan Gillespie.Seven Counties Services Board of Directors, Secretary Denise Perry, Harry Perry and member of the Board of Directors Sara Huggins.David Ray and Deb Rayman.Dawn and Dale Douthat.Shelly Buntain and Jeff Hollis.Jamie Ludwig, Wayne Perkey, Anne Adair and Wayne Perkey, II.Brittany and Mandy Carlson.Curt and Nick Sitlinger.Rhonda Miller and Mary Jane Reavley.Kevin and Dena Hulsey.Seven Counties Services VP, External Affairs Gwen Cooper and Dean Corbett.RoastMaster Kevin Harned, Guest of Honor Terry Meiners and RoastMaster Rachel Platt.Guest of Honor Terry Meiners listened as RoastMasters Kevin Harned and Rachel Platt opened the program.Terry Meiners laughed in response to comments made while he was roasted and toasted.Tony Vanetti roasted Terry Meiners.Matt Jones gestured as he took his turn roasting and toasting Terry Meiners.Matt Jones gestured as he took his turn roasting and toasting Terry Meiners.Vicki Dortch comments about Terry caused Terry to smile and laugh.Dr. Ricky Jones roasted Terry Meiners as Terry reacted to the comments.Terry Meiners reacted to the comments made by Dr. Ricky Jones.Darryl Isaacs turned to face Terry Meiners as he roasted Terry.Terry Meiners came out of this honorary chair and laughed at comments made by Kent Taylor.Kent Taylor roasted Terry Meiners.Terry Meiners.Terry Meiners.Kelsey Starks took her turn roasting Terry Meiners.Kent Taylor and Terry Meiners toasted each other.Dean Corbett toasted Terry Meiners.Angie Fenton roasted Terry Meiners.Roasters and Toasters Matt Jones, Tony Vanetti, Linda Danna, Kent Taylor and Darryl Isaacs all laughed at  comments made about Terry Meiners.Angie Fenton roasted Terry Meiners.

Photos by BILL WINE

One Response to “Roast & Toast of Terry Meiners”

  1. Gwen Braverman Cooper

    The BEST Event in town! Thanks to an all star cast of characters who graciously donated their time and talents to Roast Terry. And to Terry-THANK YOU for being a willing partner in our quest to raise funds for the Children and Families in our community that need Seven Counties. We are grateful!