Revelry Five-Year Anniversary

Revelry, the gallery that specializes in affordable art by local artists, celebrated its fifth year in business on August 22. The event featured Mike Maydak’s solo show, “Heritage.”

Photos by JAMES EATON | Contributing Photographer

Revelry Boutique Gallery 5 Year Anniversary Cake.Hue and Andrew Trahan.Ryan and Emily Speight.Jennifer Whelan and Mark Mick.Seth and Rachel Kirk.Joe Perkowski and Mary Casey.Harrison Fogle and Lizz Stogner.Mo McKnight Howe received a belt buckle from Paul Nelson, whom is one of Revelry\'s Local Artist.Chet Johnson and Theresa Swann.Revelry Boutique Gallery 5 Year Anniversary.Kathleen and BJ Cahill.Revelry Boutique Gallery 5 Year Anniversary.The Revelry Crew: Lauren Hendricks, Scott Howe, Mo McKnight Howe, Micah Cargin, Molly Huffman and Miya Griffin.Revelry Boutique Gallery 5 Year Anniversary.Revelry Boutique Gallery 5 Year Anniversary.Brandon Radford and Megan Snider.Leigh Anne Hendricks was assisted by Lauren Hendricks browsing earrings to purchase.Alex and Caitlin Brey.Macy Begley, Kelly Hogan, Liz Ratliff, Khaki Lacy and Rebecca Juhl.Chris Rambicure and Maggie Hoy.Matt Curry and Amanda Patrick.Taylor Springelmeyer. Brittany Levermore and Erika Skelton.Cory Gregory and Mary Nitzken, Matt Rogers and Laura Nunnelley, and Katelin Shouse and Daniel Caudle.Revelry Boutique Gallery 5 Year Anniversary.Maggie Hoy, Mo McKnight Howe and Rachel Keens.