Paul Hornung Awards Dinner

Sports enthusiasts gathered at the Galt House Hotel on Feb. 25 to honor Stanford’s Christian McCaffrey at the Paul Hornung Award Banquet presented by KentuckyOne Health. McCaffrey is the winner of the sixth annual Paul Hornung Award presented by Texas Roadhouse.


Howard Schnellenberger and Andy.Jim and Lynn Tencza.Austin and Matt Lathrop, Roy and Kathy Potts and Travis Doster of Texas Roadhouse.Ken Dennison and Laura and Brian Hoehl.Steve Higdon, Lisa Mills and Sam Vonderheide.Paul Hornung and Pat abd Carol Holland.Julie, Ashley, J.P. and Allie Davis.Cora Kirby and Brennan and Cameron Tucker.Zach Fisher, Bobby Clarkson, Steve Longhurst and Howard Schnellenberger.Owen Marecic and Tiffany Castillo.Pete Compise, Beverlee Schnellenberger and Wally Crowder.Joey Summers, Paul Chumbley and Lauren Farley.David Wombwell, Greg Fante and Steve Higdon.Howard Schnellenberger being interviewed.Jeff Griffith, Jim Gates, Ed Glasscock and Karl Schmitt.Karl Schmitt and Tess and Brandon Boykin.Ricky Thompson, Danielle Hauser, Shaq Thompson and Dan Owens.Diane Wille and Herb Terry.Jeff Frazer, Jeff Balitsos, Bob Baney and Joe Hession.Terry Cook and Dan Rivers.Julie Howell of the Louisville Sports Commission and this year\'s Hornung Award Winner Christian McCaffrey of Stanford University.Aadassah Chilton, Ricky Thompson and Julie Howell.

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