Party with a Purpose

On November 6, Best Buddies Kentucky held its annual celebration of philanthropic efforts: Party with a Purpose at Louisville Slugger Field. The event featured dinner, a silent auction and live music by Judge Angus.

Photos by CRYSTAL LUDWICK | Contributing Photographer

Manny Rodriguez and Silas Muqisha.Paola Rodriguez, Margarita Rodriguez, Manny Rodriguez and Silas Muqisha.Judge Angus.Corey Krill and Emily Mills.Brian French, Heather Schwartz and Larry Schwartz.Jo Krill & Angie Krill.Jennifer Austin and Josh Meiman.Judge Angus.Lindsay Perrish, Allison Perrish and Amy Schuler.Bix Howlande, Maria Fernandez, Steve Strepey and Tish Brewster.Emily Cleveland, Brenden McNickle and Shannon Evanko.Judge Angus.Kevin Schweitzer and Kathy Schweitzer.Gloria Ruth, Denny Kayrouz, Kim Kayrouz and Joanie Strotman.Lealia Evans, Lauren Metts and Greg Evans.Jennifer Liebert, Heather Varner and Margaret Guelda.Haley Cardwell and Miriam Rarick.Amanda Betts and Sara Pourheydarian.Sarah Ronald, Annie Ronald and Mollie Ronald.Judge Angus.Allison Pitman, Amanda Brookshire and Josh Duke.David Jennins, Mary Jennings, Michaela Skura and Mike Skura.Susan Walker and Alicia Doligale.Judge Angus.