NuLu Valentine’s Day Open House

Guests of all ages visited NuLu’s eclectic collection of boutiques, bars and restaurants on February 13 for the neighborhood’s Valentine’s Day Open House. Stores offered specials and sales, and Please & Thank You kept things warm with coffee and treats.


Katie Posten, Allison Sage and Elizabeth Pearce at Ghyslain.Alex Fitzgerald and R.J. Taylor from Toranto.Jamie Hicks at Peace of Earth.Courtney McCoy, Anastasia Harper, Erika Hargis and Whitney Adkins at Gift Horse.Chelsea Flint, Elizabeth Peake and Sean Donaldson at Gift Horse.Gregory DuPont, Donna Veeneman and Gregg Keller ar Rellek.Cynthia, Megan, Nicole and Ilsa at Local Speed.Logan Manford of BloFish and Story Simpson at Honest Home.Cathe Crabb and Ryan Soeder at Please and Thank You.Ana Eversole, Jaclyn Ray and Luke and Jay Eversole at Honest Home.Miya Griffin and Molly Huffman at Revelry.Neil Kearns and Oliver de la Garza at Galaxie.Susan and Raymond Luna at Revelry.Banett Smyth and Chyppe Crosby at Garage Bar.Emily and Madison at Muth\'s Candies.