Night of a Thousand Laughs

Gilda’s Club Louisville, an affiliate of the Cancer Support Community that provides relief for those affected by cancer, hosted Night of a Thousand Laughs on May 21 at the Kentucky Center for the Performing Arts. Some of the best comedians in Louisville tried out their best jokes in an effort to support the efforts of Gilda’s Club.

Photos by BILL WINE

Jillian and Teagan Morrison.Comedian Keith McGill, guest comedian Sadiqa Reynolds, COO Janet Gruenberg and President / CEO Karen Morrison.Guest comedian Andy Blieden, Neal Heim,  Patty Browning, Harper Becker, Greta Gudmundsson, and Aaron Becker.Logan Ormerod and Annie Oyler.Guest comedian Orn Gudmundsson, Jr and Gretta Gudmundsson.Judy Tonini, Larry Hardin and President / CEO Karen Morrison.Stephanie Fellon and Robert Curran.Lara and Jim Zuber.Karen Siladi, Janet and Mike Gruenberg.Mary Gatton, Dennis,  Lori and Katy Mangum.Charlotte Feeney , Howard and Susan Vogt.Guest comedian Chris Robert and Mindi Wentzel.Orn Gudmundsson, Sr and Susan Gudmundsson.Ashley and Matt Bedingfield.Gilda’s Night of a Thousand Laughs.Gilda’s Night of a Thousand Laughs.Jason and Chelsea Raff.Jillian and Teagan Morrison.Sean and Michele Wood, Christian-Thomas Wood and Tommie Wood.Cayleigh-Teagan Wood, Carragain-Taylor Wood and Cassandra-Tynae Wood.Judy Shapira, Sandi Weiss and Shellie Benovitz.Gilda’s Night of a Thousand Laughs.Gracie and Kent Oyler.Gracie, Kent and Annie Oyler.Kathleen Kelly and Mike Elsherif.Jonathon Raley and Leah Vanderwerp.