New Year’s Eve at Mellwood Arts Center

Eventris presented New Year’s Eve 2015 with Tony & the Tan Lines and DJ K-Dogg at Mellwood Arts Center. The Sold Out Event Attracted Over 800 Guests and was sponsored by The Voice-Tribune, Grey Goose Vodka, Buffalo Trace Bourbon, Anheuser Busch, BoxCarPR, and Red Bull.

Photos by BILL WINE | Contributing Photographer

Beth Beck and Chris Humphreys.Kristy Garvey, Delisa West and Karti Reddy.Howell Williams and Rachel McGalliard.Julie Smith and Holly Pennebaker.Jacob Schroerder, Amy Mivelaz, Melissa Brutcher and Demi Demaree.Cassie Arthur and J.D. Wilkerson.Jonathan and Buffy Beery, Mark Young, Kim Skaggs and Nichole Mertes.Erica and Rick Bredhold.Ken Akermann, Jennifer Merrick, Larry Sinclair, Marc McCoy, Jennifer Condron and Michael Becht.Tony and The Tan Lines.Tony and The Tan Lines.Grey Kenny and Elisabeth Graham.Courtenay Daugherty, Taylor McGinnis, Leah Fattaleh, Emilee Coomes, Laura Hufnagle and Shawna Hickox.Niles Fensterwald.Kevin Borland, Elizabeth Jones Brown and Rob Loftus.Christin Hanna and Julie Anderson.Steve Hartman and Kylie Rhew.Megan Snyder, Graham Switzer and Jennifer Farmer.Tricia Smith, Hema Patel and Victoria Franz.Lauren Hufnagle, James Mattoni and Hema Patel.Brian and Jan Weis, and Michele and Tom Wolff.The event was in full swing as midnight approached.Roger, Justin and Michelle Graham.Alex Pleasant, Lindsey Ferrell, Patrick Dougherty and Brandi Milburn.Meghan O\'Connell, Cliff Elliott, Jacqueline and Bryan Back.Kacy and Lizzy Walters.Tony and The Tan Lines.Tony and The Tan Lines.Tony and The Tan Lines.Leah Harpring and Emily Russ.Sonnie Anderson and Tanner Evans.Happy New Year!New Year\'s Eve Party.Happy New Year!Happy New Year!Happy New Year!Happy New Year!Happy New Year!Happy New Year!Event chair Joey Wagner spoke to the large crowd.Event chair Joey Wagner spoke to the large crowd.DJ K-Dogg provided the musical entertainment after midnight.The dance floor was crowded throughout the evening.Scott Kraft and John Wilson.Christie Kreimworg and Sarah Carrico.