On March 3 at the Mellwood Arts & Entertainment Center, the National Association of Women Business Owners hosted the 2016 EPIC Awards, which are held annually to honor the Woman Business Owner of the Year. EPIC stands for Excellence as a woman business owner, Professional accomplishments during the past five years, Initiative and creativity in addressing major challenges in her business and Civic and community involvement. Stacie Grossfeld M.D. received the Small Business Owner of the Year Award.

NAWBO Epic Awards 2016.The NAWBO Epic awards were displayed prior to the event. \nThe award winners were: \nLarge Business Owner: Summer Auerbach, Rainbow Blossom,\nSmall Business Owner: Dr. Stacie Grossfeld, Orthopaedic Specialists\nAssociate Owner: Kayla Mount, SuperFanU,\nPhFinalist Tricia Burke, Michelle Tasman and finalists Raquel Koff and Steph Horne.Jami York- Hernandez and Ashley Goodlett.EPIC committee members Kelli Whte and Beth Rafferty.Jerod and finalist Jesika Young.Leslie Gales, Michael Fulton and Lauren Broadus.Leslie Gales, Michael Fulton, finalist Pamela Fulton Broadus and Lauren Broadus.NAWBO Louisville Board of Directors Treasurer Margaret Jolly and President of NAWBO Board of Directors Denise Jerome.The event finalist received gift bags.Ellie Yerkes, Susy Gessner, Anita Johnson-Moore and Karen Finlinson.Kamryn and Kellie Lococo.Group photo of the NAWBO Epic Award finalists: Leigh Pittman, Dr. Stacie Grossfeld, Summer Auerbach, Raquel Koff, Susan Hershberg, Tricia Burke, Pamela Fulton Broadus, Kayla Mount, Jesika Young, Amy Letke, Steph Horne and Mo McKnight Howe.Executive Director NAWBO Louisville Stephanie Geddes and EPIC Judge Lesa Seibert.Karen Milliner and Celia Triplett.Victor and Karen Shpilberg.Finalist Summer Auerbach, Brandon Coan, Scott Howe, finalist Mo McKnight Howe and Michelle Tasman.Karen Milliner, finalist Pamela Fulton Broadus, Celia Triplett and Lori LairdQuinn Hart, finalist Pamela Fulton Broadus and Cliff Elgin.Ashley Goodlett, Rita Hall and Jami York- Hernandez.Deb Copeland, emcee Tim Laird, finalist Susan Hershberg and EPIC Judge Lesa Seibert.Event co-chair Carol Coldiron, President of NAWBO Board of Directors Denise Jerome, Mayor Greg Fischer, Executive Director NAWBO Louisville Stephanie Geddes and event co-chair Ashley Wimsett .Marilyn Glatstein, Ashton Gahm and NAWBO Louisville Board of Directors Treasurer Margaret Jolly.Amy Stuber, Celia Triplett and Leslie Boor.Kristen Byrd and Jill Wilcox.

Photos by BILL WINE