miniFun Run

On May 1, Humana held its fourth annual miniFun Run  at Kroger’s Fest-a-Ville. Giving young athletes an opportunity to participate in a fitness event geared specifically toward them, the non-timed event allowed participants to run, jump and climb their way to the finish.


Delaying weather.Delaying weather.Delaying weather.Big Boy, ZEGGZ and The Arctic Scoop.ZEGGZ!Delaying weather.Fest a Ville!Delaying weather.Fest a Ville!The League of Mascots!Robyn and Janet Ballinger and Stacey Croley of USTA-KY.Tony Lantrip, Scott Kulm, Toni Rutledge and Chuck Hoffman.Jennifer Annamarie andCorey.Dancing!Team Sparks.Simon Says.Randy Embry and Patrick Salyer.Crew, Ty, Jil and Layton.Lani Vandertoll, Wes Rutledge and Catherine Smith.Y.M.C.A!Awaiting the new start tme.Tony, A.J. and Tris.It\'s almost time.Subway is ready.Steve, Shirley and Shelley Conyer, Brian McLean and Scott Conyer.Cheryl Hildebrand and Maya and Kathleen Fleck.Logen Sanderson, Carrie Fowler, Andrew and Laura Kerns, Charlotte Little and Melissa Nolan.Stacey Robinson and Wes Rutledge.Angela andCooper.