Louisville Uncorked

Louisville Uncorked, an organization that hosts wine tastings to benefit local charities, held a summer event at the Muhammad Ali Center on June 16. Guests enjoyed different varieties of pinot noir while supporting the Spina Bifida Association of Kentucky.


Josh Brockman-Weber, Steven Brockman-Weber, Shannon White, Shelley Winters, Erin Gillespie, Cindy Pryor and Erin Hinson of the Spina Biffida Association.Morgan Tardiff, Andrew Jernigan, Jason Costelle and Joe Clay.Felix Kikaya and Jeanna Kozak.Allison Pitman and Danielle McKenzie.Kellie Mitchum, Michele Renbarger, Michelle Zangari and Shanon White.Amanda Kremer, Kevin Hisel and Kenzie Carden.Kevin Hisel, Kenzie Carden and Amanda Kremer.Bill Bronson, Ashley Penn, Max Edison and Jerry Henderson.Michael Koprucki, Kathleen Denhard and Marily Black.Shannon Loss, Lee Ann Williams and Rebecca Ramos.Nikolas Zagorianos and Ian McWherter.Bart and Shannon Burton.April Miller and Meredith Anderson.Vanessa and Danielle Pikes.Lindsey Cordes, Tara Fein, Julie McGrath, Meredith McKiernan, Mackenzie Cissell and Amanda McCracken.John Melton and Angela Boamarito.Erin Santise and Bryan Gillespie with photo bomber John Melton.Angela Boamarito and Charles Martin.Sarah Hughes, Candice Bentley, Liz Veasey, Kelli Piell and Sarah Huyck.Jeff McLennan and Lana Carlton.Madeline Cornish and Ben Brown.Kristi Matthews, Ashton Napier and Jill Luckett.Mike Chinigo and a bottle of Heartache.Michael Broome, Scott Dyer and Chris Jones.Tara Shelton, Adrian Shipley and Brittany Fitzgerald.