Louisville Local Business Expo

Members of LIBA – the Louisville Independent Business Alliance – gathered at The Clifton Center on January 14 to get to know other business leaders in the community. Business owners met with one another and discovered new shopping local opportunities.

Photos by BILL WINE

The event venue was The Clifton-Center.Stacey Griffin Hallahan and Kelsi Garson with Louisville Magazine.Jesse, Harper and Ben Mayhew.Shaun and Kevin Spencer with Triment Solutions, LL.Brenda Hyatt with Eclipse Bank answered a question posed by Cia Coatley.Laura and Steve Meyer with Snookie\'s Kookies and Elm Catering-Lou.Kellie Rausch and Stacie Downs.Gretchen Bell and Hannah Thiemann.Jackie Gulbe and Courtney Smith with Yell Dell Botanical Garden.Kim Neuner, Debbie Owens and Kay Peake with Derby City Antique Mall.Maria Bell, Steve Hess and Beth Fowle.Universal Linen provided cupcakes during the event.Emma O\'Grady and Todd Lamkin with APS.Alicia Preston with RE Solutions talked with John Branford with Matly Digital Solutions, LLC.Dan Skaggs and Karen Milliner.Rosemary Gettler and Tracy Karem.Wesley Marie Ware and Joel Gerdis with The Content Squad.Terri Jewell and Aaron Byrne with Byrne Insurance Group.Michele Hill, Harley and Lee Anne Embry with Paws With Purpose.David Adkins with Publishers Printing Company engaged in a conversation with Maria Bell.Bake my Day was represented at the event.Jennifer Mitchell with Bake my Day.David Frick and Delene Taylor with DMLO  CPA.Courtney Dunn, Liz Reno- Hayes and Sara Aschbacher.Christy Jarboe and Tommy Clark with Louisville Metro Government.Summer Auerbach, Jennifer Blair and Rose Flowers.

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