Why Louisville? Why CEDAW? Why Now?

On Jan. 20 cities across the U.S. discussed and explored the benefits of implementing CEDAW (UN Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women) at the local level. The CEDAW gathering at First Unitarian Church, included a virtual national conference call, a meet and greet, an expert panel discussion and a reception.

Photos By TIM VALENTINO | Contributing Photographer

Sariena Sampson, Gretchen Hunt, Marta Miranda and Gabriela Alcalde.Sariena Sampson, Gretchen Hunt, Marta Miranda and Gabriela Alcalde.Mary Sue Barnett.Tina Ward-Pugh.Holly Houston.Gabriela Alcalde.Marta Miranda.Gretchen Hunt.Holly Houston and Gretchen Hunt.Debbie Hall, Mari Hammer and Paula Samuels.Sariena Sampson and Mary Sue Barnett.Jill Adams, Victoria Markell and Meaghan Rouse.Joanne Weis and Marta Miranda.Lorie Jacobs, Abbie Trowbridge and Courtney Brown.Anja Aresenovic, Magon and Breonna Royu-Faye, Ohiniba Ohin, Mary Sue BArnett and Sifa N\'dusha.Gabriela Alcalde, Marta Miranda and Gretchen Hunt.Molly Permenter and Jake Hassler.Eddie Barreto, Brian Tipton, Cody Prashier and Shawn Stockland.

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