Kentucky Opera’s Carnevale

On January 30, Kentucky Opera hosted its grand black-tie fundraiser Carnevale at the Louisville Marriott Downtown. Attendees were treated to an evening of grand wine and spirit tastings, delectable dinner, entertainment by the singers of “Show Boat,” dancing and an amazing array of silent and live auction items.

Dave and Susan Mateja, Michael Adams, Debbie Ott and Steve Wade.Henry and Marti Kuehn, Barbara and Fred Arensman and Marie and James White.Michael Thompson and Cat Benson.Ruth Atkins and Luis Prada.Jackie Pierce and Keith Williams.Steve Berger, Christy Kramer and Bill Florescu.Studio artists Tyler Alessi, Lisa Hassan, Rachel Williams, Gabrielle Barker, Natasha Foley and Josh Wheeker.Pamela Schmitt and Paul Thompson.Joan and Fabian Lipp.Paul Thompson, Pamela Schmitt, Jim and Missy Allen, Jackie Pierce and Keith Williams.Pam and Logan Leet.Deborah Greenwald, Neville Blakemore and Gray Henry.David Heavey and Adrienne Manlove.Mary and Jerry Cohron.Robin and Shaun Logsdon.Pete and Lisa Steiner and Jill and Jay Kovall.Winona and Joe Shiprek.Nicole and Rick Wiggington.Thomas and Nikki Carver, Ashton Napier and Dan Petersmith.Stacey Groneck and Jeremy Allen.Emily Digenis and Hunter Sattich.Heather O\'Mara and Karl Renninger.Heather O\'Mara, Jason and Karen Parroco and Karl Renninger.Robert and Marita Willis.Rick Albrink and Tanja Eikenboom.Rick Albrink and Tanja Eikenboom.Rick Albrink and Tanja Eikenboom.Jessica Lee and Andrew Green.Ricky and Larry Gettleman.KY Opera President Bill Blodgett.Ernest Sampson and Kelley Carson.KY Opera President Bill Blodgett.KY Opera Chair Anita Streeter.KY Opera President Bill Blodgett.Alana Nolan, Callie Chapman and CaSandra Zabenco.