Kentucky Oaks 141

The 141st Kentucky Oaks took place May 1 at Churchill Downs. For the seventh consecutive year, guests were invited to wear pink attire in honor of the Oaks official flower – the stargazer lily – and in support of Churchill Downs’ partnerships with Bright Pink and Horses & Hope. The Oaks was founded by Meriwether Lewis Clark Jr. in 1875 along with the Kentucky Derby.


Savannah Sernas and Denise Jarboe.Candice Hill, Stephanie Volchko, Jennifer Linnan and Virginia Wolf.Erin Skonetski, Robin and Peter Milnes and Sarah Catherine Norris.Elena and John Dorsey.Doc Smith, Robin Montray and Terry Smith.Robert McBride and Maggie McCrery.Jennifer Batts, Lisa Sharpe and Sherri Berger.Samantha Brown and Jaquann Duff guard the Kentucky Derby Trophy.Joey Elpers, Dana Barnes, Marty Elpers and Lisa Moretti.Holly and Brad Blackwood, Patty Frazier and Shaun Bailey.Lisa Moretti, David Barnes, Dana Barnes and Marty Elpers posing in front of a painting of Marty\'s dad which was done in front of the same piece of furniture.Churchill Downs CEO William Carstanjen talks with the Governors of Montana and New Hampshire.Dustin Lerette, Kevin O\'Brien and Meg O\'Leary.Beverly Jochynek and Ashley Weiss.A Leadership Group from Tennessee called Leading by the Reins.Stephanie Brandon.Churchill Downs CEO William Carstanjen, CDI Board Member Alex Rankin and Tom Jenkins.Toshiba Team toast in the Directors Room.Tom and Cathy Ramsey.Toshiba group photo.Rachel Taul, Jason Satterfield and Michael Tannenbaum.Churchill Downs Track President Kevin Flanery and Lori Flanery.Pam Klinner, Gregory Bubalo, Churchill Downs CEO William Carstanjen and Clarence Mitchell.Vanessa Falk, Jen Bowen, Ellen Archer, Allison Coffey, Bridgette and Meg Lavin and Stephanie Sims.Gary and Allison Hirsch.Lisa and Colin Watson, Melissa and Bob Bennett and Jessica Giles.Mark and Lainey Jurich, Cara and Jimmy King and Angela and Todd Clark.Patrick and Jessica Giles.Mallory Fulkerson, Grace Falvey, Brooke Spurgeon, Bennett Fulkerson and Kate Hemel.Kim Cummings and Carrie Nunnelley.Mary and Glenn Higdon.Stacey Higdon, Sarah Salyer and Mary Higdon.Sandy Nixon andSam Greco.Bruce Anderson and Brian Allen.Robin and Keith Colvin.Chadwick and Joseph Possa.Michelle Rodriguez and Donna Mikulic.David and Robert Evan.Kari and Adam Wright and Ben and Sarah McClave.Marilyn Gladstone.Robert Williamson.Eva Poole and Miss Teen Kentucky U.S.A. Adrienne Poole.Jessica Canyon, Bob Guiney, Lisa Cunningham and Jimmers with Rob Angel.Trainer Al Stall, Jr. and Nicole Stall.Caitland Sullivan, Natalie Dejean, Zach Lipton and Logan Trotter.Julie Howell and Lisa Mills.Tesha and Bryant Davis.Joe and Maria Zelsoski and Rich and Dian Calvaruso.Rodney and Kara Kistmer and Cathy and Jim Johnson.Kevin Studdard, Jason Lee, Jeff Hadley, Eric Payne and Ruben Studdard.Mark Miller, Michael Markiewicz and Sofia Santiago.Amy Whitham, J.D. Shelburne and Jessica and Greg Allen.Tina Rothrock and Rick Price.John and Marilyn Hans.Rob Angel, Jessica Canyon, ..., Bob Guinry, Warren Moon and Lisa Cunningham.Bryan and Katherine McCarty and Lee and Bud Willis.Terry Settles, Sheila and Mike Beasley, J.B. Sosh, Scott Campbell, Linda Fife and Patty Holland.The Jimmers.Kathleen Moore, Marty Williams, Nan and Houston Natcher and Ellen Kington.Gracie Graham and Arthur Jackson.Jeff and Vickie Ratanpool.Lisa Starkes and Patti Colbert.Bess Chambliss.Kalen Slattery and Carter Northcutt.Jeffrey McInnis, Janine Booth, Tanya Holland and Nick Smith.Al Shofe, Tyler Gates, Bill McGuinn, Kathryn Rand and Joyce Gates.William and Susan Yarmuth, Perry Bacon, Cathy and John Yarmuth, Adam Gaudino and Aaron Yarmuth.Shawn Sullivan and Mary Burdette from NBC Sports.Shawn Sullivan and Mary Burdette from NBC Sports.Darrly and Courtney Bell, Joyia Johnson, Brandon Anderson and LaCole Knight.Shawn Sullivan and Mary Burdette from NBC Sports.Tina Glass, David Curtis, Marquis Sumler and Cindy Dunkin.Julia Rukavina, Caroline Hamlin, Jared Simpson and Brad Proffitt.Randi McGlincy.Gretchen Malone and Randi McGlincy.Peter Gorman.Halli and Megan Roe.Jake and Jennifer Stanton, Ryan Toms, Jeff Gordon, Alissa Hicks and Chris Evans.Blake Kelly, Ginger and Brian Buttrey and Dustin Adkinson.Elisa Johnson, Jill, Cody and Bob Baffert and Ginger and Brian Buttrey.Glenn Gail and Tina Thomas.Brad Bell and Michael Koprucki with WXMA.Emem Obot and Deven Rand.Jim and Lisa Barry and Debbie and Bryan Flowers.Michelle Ventura, Carolyn Gray and Holli and Drew Timmermann.Debra and Mike Kelley.Julie Morley, Terri Parker,  Cherie Blair and Denise Robinson.Kate Galvin, Marie Colbert and Gladys Sanchez.J. and Tracee Swan.Mark and Kristen Kull.Ryan and Monet Jaggers, Nick and Lisa Hensgen and Clark and Kelly Scott.Monet and Ryan Jaggers.Katie Miller and Alexa Bogle.Kellie Cameron and Kim Justice.Randy and Judy Warmathand Terri and Jeff Holland.Veronica Conner, Marsha Gerton and Shayla Johnson.Drew Barton and Tom Sullivan.Ben Nelson, Wlaa El, Todd Calvert and Balthier Corfi.Caprice Riley and Latoria  Mayfield.Gary Hirsch, Allison Lewis Hirsch and Tim Laird.Holly Stephens, Hilary Pohn, Gina Roccisano, Leslie Charney, Tori Crittendon and Kathleen Thomas.Gary Hirsch and Allison Lewis Hirsch.Mike Gilligan, Jan Roland, Susan Gilligan and Bob Roland.Chris and Martha Abbinante, and Tobi and Gene Faut.Cara King, Kim Lewis and Jimmy King.Lindsey Layton and Ned Bass.Kim and Carolyn Lewis.Kris Jones and Rocky Rawlins.Jan West, Hilary Pohl and Leslie Charney.Mark and Jennifer Lamkin, and Jill and Eric Liedtke.Kentucky Oaks.Lindsay Morton, Michelle Joy Martin and Julie Cobble.Morgan Martin, Jim Pollard and Ramon Laconico.Kentucky Oaks.Kentucky Oaks.Kevin and Jennifer Klock.Barrett and Angela Brooks, and Alana and Joe Eagley.Kentucky Oaks.Jyl Hildreth and Julie Garmon.Pam and Kim Boyle, Jillian Hay, Kyle Boyle.Dr. Maria Beck, Ellen Mueller Teague, Cheri Collis White, Charity Ghali and Lara Melillo  Barnum.Kentucky Oaks.Amy Hines and Mary Rivers.Bennett Byrd, Ellen Ballenger and Hank Wall.Shayan Danyal, Salik and Sikander Chowhan.Noreen Chowhan, Nighat Butt, Shamila Zuberi and Zara Raza.Tom Ryan, Pam Breeland, Reed Boone, Bill Musselman, Shannon Higgins Musselman, and Jenny and Dan Garst.Lea and Nancy Burke, Lexi Hernandez.Miss Kentucky Teen Caroline Ford and Miss Kentucky USA Katie George.Dan and Mary Rivers, and Amy and Hugh Hines.Kentucky Oaks.Lori Kommor and Nancy Burke.Stacey Higdon, Sarah Salyer and Mary Higdon.Alois Moore searched for her pick in the next race.Mike and Julie Hinson, Casey Jackson and Matt Fleming.Kentucky Oaks.Kentucky Oaks.Kristine Lukenich and Christina Novak.Lee and Shelley Gill, and Rebecca and Bill Tafel.Dan Rupp and Janis Young.Debbie Hannan, Jerry Smith, Elizabeth Chadwell, Dan Rupp and Janis YoungJohn and Jenny Reinhart.Patricia Perleberg-Owen and Pat Ballard.Audra Rich, Leslie Bender and Leigh Carli.Shannon Johnson, Heather Barnett and Sandy Nixon.Kentucky Oaks.Beth and David Wilson.Mike and Elizabeth Rogers, and Angela and Jeff Druin.Catherine and Matthew Smith.Sandy and Steven Chaffee.Kentucky Oaks.Kentucky Oaks.Kentucky Oaks.Kentucky Oaks.Kentucky Oaks.Kentucky Oaks.Debbie Jokovich, Sherri and Dana Selmanson.Ashely Evans, Savannah Wiley and Susie Gardner.Kentucky Oaks.Kentucky Oaks.Tsuyoshi ( Terry) Kurihara read the racing program.Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear was interviewed.Kelsie and Margaret Hamilton.Julia Carstanjen, Jonathan Blue and Shannon Malone.Jim Cauley, Carolyn Tandy and Metro Council President David Tandy.M.J.Leon, Corey J. Hanker, Tom Newberry, Stephanie Finn, Camille Anderson and Dave Dollinger.Corey J. Hanker and M.J.Leon.Taylor Force and Anne-Tyler Morgan.Gary Moore and Linda Roksvag.Andy and Britainy Beshear.Kentucky Oaks.Larry and Lesley PortaroKentucky Oaks.Kentucky Oaks.Kentucky Oaks.Larry Jones on Ky Oaks Winner Lovely Maria.Larry Jones on Ky Oaks Winner Lovely Maria.Randy Bleacher and Jessica Lee.Steve and Sharon Thompson, Kelli and Bill Bisig.Laura Park and Cindy Wassermann.Katie Billows.Sam Deel, Tyler Bilissett. Sallie Kasier, Rita Schuler, Mary Gipe, Damien McDonlad and Amanda Burnett.Clay Masters, Keith Delaney, Chris Pesek, Kyle Galloway.Jason Pike and Jeff Nuthins.Heather Fuhrmann.Talia and Jerry Piccini.2015 Louisville Ky Oaks.Eric Jodi, Wolf and Eric Fuston.2015 Louisville Ky Oaks.Elizabeth Mercer and Andra Smith.2015 Louisville Ky Oaks.Jenna Burris, Rachel Dreyer, Tom Boxer,Weeny Burris, Samantha Moore, and Whitey Burris.Samantha Moore.2015 Louisville Ky Oaks.Emily Cheek, Tracy Bickett, Victoria Clark, Brandie Downs Sarah Koehler, Katie Buckman.Emily Cheek., Jillian Jacobs and Crystal Warth.Sonya Irvine and Dawn Boston.Jon Hand Jermy Brvketta,  Becky Smith, Venus Petters ,Nick Stafford, Phil Christman.Dave and Alex Langley.Bill and Wanda Calhoun and Annetta and Dennis  Jones.Latiana and Jason Clayborn.Kaylee Brandt and Phillip Moore.2015 Louisville Ky Oaks.2015 Louisville Ky Oaks.2015 Louisville Ky Oaks.2015 Louisville Ky Oaks.Sam Schaefer and Mitch Martour.2015 Louisville Ky Oaks.2015 Louisville Ky Oaks.2015 Louisville Ky Oaks.Kevin Van Slunder, Marria Merlino.2015 Louisville Ky Oaks.2015 Louisville Ky Oaks.2015 Louisville Ky Oaks.2015 Louisville Ky Oaks.2015 Louisville Ky Oaks.Brandon Donor and Katy Schad.Patsy Woodruff and Sandra Arno.Patsy Woodruff.Nick  D\'Andre with Ashley Riggs.Ashley Riggs and Melanie Veneracion.Solomon Parker  with Melanie Veneracion.Nicholas Gagle, Brittany Quillen with Liz and Cory Willams.2015 Louisville Ky Oaks.Ashley and Kenny Nelson.Becky Davidson, Melonie Lowery, Kendall Schulz ,Baileiy Frantz.Rachel and Stacy Kuperus.Cortney Hood and Mon-Kisha Fithchpatch.Shadea Mitchell, Kate Scarborough, Sonya Lockart, Sara Wood and  Jaque Joyce.Freddie G.Erica Wills, Chastity Clark and Sammantha Geeber.2015 Louisville Ky Oaks.2015 Louisville Ky Oaks.Sharon Crame and Nina Talao.Kaela Hammeretom and Emily Ann Faulk.Noah and Troy Moseley with Rob Engle, Kathleen Gard and Caleb Potter.Lisa Waddell and Bernie Jessie.Jeff and Tracy Paiz.Rebecca Shine with Drew Lail.2015 Louisville Ky Oaks.Kristin and Jermy Pickevell, with Amy, Larry Gillespie with Dana and Derik Conway.Sandy Hadley and Lisa Payne.Kandice Buck, Allie New and Lindsey Antoine.Erikia Ezelll , Rylee Huffman and Brandie Calhoun- Thomas.Ryan and Karen Riboli.Derby Crush Fast Pitch Softball Team.2015 Louisville Ky Oaks.Jocelyn Kirk, Graham Pilotte and Sarah Gardner.2015 Louisville Ky Oaks.2015 Louisville Ky Oaks.Brandon and Shanea  Garretson.2015 Louisville Ky Oaks.2015 Louisville Ky Oaks.2015 Louisville Ky Oaks.Shaun Takkinen.

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