Kentucky Center Season Kick Off

The Kentucky Center kicked off a rich season of entertainment on August 18. Guests mixed with the center’s executive staff and board members on the Whitney Hall stage and drew for door prizes. Mode Roulette provided live music.

Photos by TIM VALENTINO | Contributing Photographer

Mode Roulette.Mode Roulette.Mode Roulette.Mode Roulette.Mode Roulette.Mode Roulette.Heather Weston Bell, Christian Adelberg and Amber Halloran.Christian Adelberg, Heather Weston Bell, Larisse Reece and Amber Halloran.Dan Forte and Ed and Linda Rosen.Ken and Kathy Henderson.Tina Thomas and Glenn Gail.Mode Roulette.Phil Lynch, Susan McNeese Lynch and Tim Galbraith.Barbara May, Jacqlyn Howard, Mary Lou Williams and Jennifer Webb.Dean and Christian Furman.Ashley Brown, Fabio Laurenzi, Amy Burns and David Gollinger.Mode Roulette.Nancy and Stuart Robenson and Lestine Spencer.Christina Feller and Morgan Eklund.Tammy Crandall and Ronda Watson.Roger Cude, KY Center President Kim Baker and Kathie Cude.Kelly, Doug and Christina Abney.Charlie and Robin Sopears.Jerry and Judy Metsker.Chi Phan, Elizabeth Savells and Kay Rountree.Susan and Mitch Ochs.Gary and Sharon Maryman.Yelena Hagan and Lilia Lawson.Tammy Crandall, Dan Forte and Ronda Watson.