Joey Wagner’s Birthday Bash

J. Wagner Group held a birthday bash for its owner Joey Wagner at 60 West Martini Bar on Feb. 21, where DJ K-Dogg kept everyone dancing all night long.

Photos by BILL WINE | Contributing Photographer

Nicki Henry and Nick Stover.Ali Navigar, DeDee Kayrouz and David Clarkson.Joey Wagner birthday bash.Dale Kiggins, David Clarkson,Brian Lykins, Andrew Cahill and David Megronigle.Tyler Moxley, Freddie Miller and Adam Younger.David Clarkson and Nick Phelps.David Clarkson, Nick Phelps and Craig Perkins.Dave Walters and Dave Gambol.Ashley DeFerraro and Craig Perkins.Kevin McFarland, Bethany Ogger, Sarah Sebo, Stephanie Saculles and Joey Wagner.Frankie Hilbert, Joey Wagner and Kevin McFarland.Jolie Carter and Sara Eitel.Sherri Stallings and Dana May.Nikki and Joey Wagner.Joey Wagner birthday bash.The event was held at 60 West Bistro & Martini Bar.