Jennifer Lawrence Foundation Cocktail Reception

On March 15, Karen and Gary Lawrence hosted a cocktail reception at their home to kick off the Jennifer Lawrence Foundation’s recent partnership with Fund for the Arts and Churchill Downs. This partnership will lead to the inaugural Awards in the Arts at Churchill Downs on April 30. The event featured live piano music from Brian BecVar. Corbett’s: An American Place and Anoosh Bistro provided catering.


Pat Howerton and Sally McConnell.Robert and Suzanne Whayne, Sally Campbell and Will Ward.Tammy York Day, Christen Boone and Lisa Cusarano.Tracy Gitschier and Jennifer Lawrence\'s Louisville Security Advisor Greg Gitschier.Angela Clark, Cara King and Frankie Adams.Sally McConnell, Mike and Jodi Noble and Denise Seiz.Mayor Greg Fischer, Dana Robinson of Purse Keyper and Charlie Kane.Mayor Greg Fischer, Attorney General Jack and Elizabeth Conway.Tom Tafel, Bill and Patty West and Nancy Tafel.Deborah Greenwald, Raquel Koff and Sara Shpielberg.Mark and Sheri Rukavina.Virginia Speed, Steve Wilson and Deborah Greenwald.Deborah and Bart Greenwald.Christen Boone, Tammy York Day, Angela Leet, Julia Carstanjen and Lisa Walker.Meredith and Karen Lawrence.Amgela Leet, Tammy York Day, Mayor Greg Fischer, Julia Carstanjen and Lisa Walker.Eric Gurevich, August Anderson, Jill Horn and Heather Howell.Gary Lawrence, Maxine Roubin, Charlie Kane and Karen Lawrence.Meredith Lawrence and Michael and Christine Herring.Doris Abdallah and Teddy Abrams.Gary and Karen Lawrence.Christina Jones makes frozen pops on the anti-griddle.Elizabeth Wester, Virginia Speed and Lauren DePaso.Cesar Perez and Daisey Dailey.Teddy Abrams.Karen Lawrence and Teddy Abrams.Pat Howerton, Chef Deam Corbett, J.P. Davis and Sandra Trager.Teddy Abrams plays.

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