Hermitage Grand Gala

The inaugural Hermitage Grand Gala took place May 1 at Hermitage Farm in Goshen, Ky., hosted by Laura Lee Brown, Steve Wilson, and Junior and Doris Bridgeman. The evening of cocktails, dinner and dancing featured such guests as Darius Rucker, Ne-Yo, DJ Cassidy and Julie Atlas. Proceeds benefited West End School, the Kentucky School of Art at Spalding University, the Cardinal Covenant Scholarship at UofL, Kosiar Children’s Hospital through the Children’s Hospital Foundation, and the UofL Autism Center.


Mike Rutherford, Terry Rozier and Mary Rutherford.Guy Fieri.Martin Lawrence.Ne-Yo.Ne-Yo.Ne-Yo.Ne-Yo.Ne-Yo.Ne-Yo.Ne-Yo.Ne-Yo.Ne-Yo.Ne-Yo.Ne-Yo.Ne-Yo.Ne-Yo.Ne-Yo.Ne-Yo.Ne-Yo.Ne-Yo.Ne-Yo.Howard and Susan Vogt.DJ Cassidy.DJ Cassidy.DJ Cassidy.DJ Cassidy.DJ Cassidy.DJ Cassidy.Hermitage Grand Gala.Hermitage Grand Gala.Hermitage Grand Gala.Hermitage Grand Gala.Rose pedals covered the flooring inside the entrance tent.Hermitage Grand Gala.Dustin Amrine posed for a photo while he walked the red carpet.Chris Rock.Chris Rock.Chris Rock.Eric Wood was interviewed by WDRB news.Star Jones posed for a photo while walking the red carpet.Gorgui Dieng spoke with the local media as he walked the red carpet.The host for the Hermitage Grand Gala was Martin Lawrence.Craig and Rachel Greenberg.Martin Lawrence smiled as he was interviewed on the red carpet.Libby Brown and Larry Williams.Hermitage Grand Gala.Howard Holloman and Gail Lyttle.Jennifer DiPietro, Lori Andriot, Dale Hyman and Wayne Goldberg.Avery Wilson, Cody Wuetcher, Michelle Wiseman and Emery Reagan.Amy Bryan and Sam Corbett.Ben Robinson and Austin Speed.Jim McKiernan, Meredith Williams, Anne and Tom Cottingham.Stacy Dent and Shelly Brown.Jimmy Dan Connor, Debbie Scoppechio. event host Junior Bridgeman, Rhonda Jo Conner and Rick Duffy.Rick Duffy and Debbie Scoppechio.Asim and  Sara Piracha, and Sarah and Brian Beauerle.Harry, Jacqlyan, Lisa and Sean Garber.Debra and Gerry Fernandez.Megan Hagedorn, Michael Ann Coomes, Katherine Mitchell and Meghan Hagedorn.Kelly Salat and Tim Ribich.Chris Williams and Kristen Hart.Haviland Argo and Louis Zoellar Bickett.Rod and Angie Strikland.Charmaine and John  Francis, Ashley and Scott Livesay, Katalin and Josh Haines.Kim Morris Hillenmeyer, Stephen Hillenmeyer, and Babs and Lee Robinson.Amy Jones and Kelly Kane.James Ramsey and Ghislain d’Humières.Doug Owen, Chenoweth Allen, Lane Blevins, Shari Owen and Tyler Allen.Jerry Lundergan, Congressman John Yarmuth, Kathy Yarmuth and James Ramsey.Hermitage Grand Gala.Anthony and Carmen Mathis.Martin and Ramona Lindsey.Hermitage Grand Gala.Hermitage Grand Gala.Hermitage Grand Gala.Taylor Thomas, Catherine Fogarty and Donald Wenzel.Hermitage Grand Gala.Susan and Howard Vogt.Hermitage Grand Gala.Alissa Kain, William and Julia Carstanjen, Angela Ziccardi.Jonathan Blue and Jason Charney.Event hosts Laura Lee Brown and Steve Wilson.Jerry O\'Daniel, Nick and Jenny Mangold and Jonathan Blue.Event host Steve Wilson.Hermitage Grand Gala.The Tribe.Courtney Heishman, Christina Paul, Crissa Candler and Beth Beck.Darius Rucker performed.Darius Rucker performed.Darius Rucker performed.Bob Wray, Tim Snavely, Leigh Pittman, Wil and Sally Heuser.Hayley Hall, host Steve Wilson and Rachel Denison.Lynnie Meyer and John Smart.John and Leslie Smart.Colin McNaughton and Woo Speed McNaughton both smiled as they watched and listened to the musical entertainment.Frank and Stacy Bellis.Paul and Emily Thelen, Jina Heverley, Nate Webb, Claire Sims and Carol George.Laura Douglas, Dr. Robert Douglas and Pierre Loving.Faye Owens, Laura Douglas, Dr. Robert Douglas and Pierre Loving.Amy Cimba, Rick and Von Purdy.Scott and Ashely Livesay, and Nick and Lauren Chitwood.Peyton Siva, Matt Case and Patience Siva.Ron Wolz and Karen Hunt.Kearia Stokes and Tim Barnettt.Matt Case and Terry Rozier.Steve Smith, Tammy and Chris Dickerson, Joe and Wendy Adams, Rebekkah and Jeff Rechter.Hermitage Grand Gala.Hermitage Grand Gala.Hermitage Grand Gala.Hermitage Grand Gala.Ne-Yo performed.Ne-Yo performed.Ne-Yo performed.Ne-Yo performed.Ne-Yo performed.Ne-Yo performed.Ne-Yo performed.Ne-Yo performed.