Grey Goose Lounge at the Derby

The Grey Goose Lounge at the Derby, a celebrity Derby celebration, was held at The Ice House late April 30 and into the early hours of May 1. The event featured musical entertainment from celebrity DJ Ross One.

Photos by BILL WINE

The musical entertainment was provided by DJ  KDOGG.Grey Goose at the Derby.Sarah Riley and Miranda Sloan.Angela Howard and Christina Daugherty.Lisa Kern, Courtney Corrigan. Bobbie Jo Fisher,and Debra Bean.Meesha Farzaneh and Allie DeSantis.Julia Naber, Solera Spagnuolo, Patrick Evans, Shannon Sharpe and Will Boland.Edelin Silab, Erin Kelly, Heather Luce and Lexi Sabatino.Bill DeReamer, Lisa Kern, Courtney Corrigan, Jeff McLennan, Bobbie Jo Ficher, Mike Haws, Debra and Mike Bean.Tim and Courtney Corrigan, Bobbi Jo Fisher, Mike Haws, Debra and Mike Bean.Jacob Huff, Kate Czerwoka, Sara Hartman and Sean Slattery.Grey Goose at the Derby.Grey Goose at the Derby.Jason Wanamaker and Annelisa Sitchel.Andy Hall, Denise Spratt, Julie and Barry Denton.Ina Banati and Kosie Brown.Danielle Brown and Erin Talley.Alison and Stephen Partin.Krista Rigling and Bryan Gillespie.Cole Sayer and Tod Lanter.Betsy May and Lena Piscionevi.Tabnie Dozier and Derrick Rose.Heather and Scott Twomey, David Whitman and Kelley Krause.Alison Partin and Krista Rigling.Blaire Dennison, Heather Luce, Stephen Ossola, Edie Sliav, Erin Kelly and Lexi Sabation.