Gallopalooza VIP Reception

The Gallopalooza horses have returned to Louisville, and on Jan. 15 celebrants gathered at the Mellwood Arts Center to toast these fantastic artwork horses. The third annual Gallopalooza, themed “Bridles and Bourbon,” features new statues including a miniature horse atop a half bourbon barrel, and a six-foot mint julep cup, in addition to an updated version of the much loved life-sized horses. Gallopalooza is a civic pride initiative, began as a way to beautify the streets, encourage local exploration, increase tourism, showcase local artists and generate civic pride.

Michelle Black White.Linda Jackson, Mayor Greg Fischer and Beth Meyer.Cynthia Knapek and MaRi Renn.Ben and Linda Jackson with Jennifer Lamkin and Michael Neuman.Neville Blakemore and Rusty Cheuvront.Priscilla Daffin, Nick Ising and Angela Trumbaturi.Jenny Pfanenstiel, Vicki Barnes, Scooter Davidson and Justin Keibler.Mike Hext, Barry Wooley, Gina O\'Brien, Mary Lea Quick and Curtis Foote.Janet Linde and Miranda Ballou.Dwayne and Janice Downey.Karen Gahafer and Emily Hext.Phyllis Johnson and Arvella Hillman.Nikki and Sarah Pritchett.Angela Wells, Mark Daves and Tammy Mahar.Amanda McCowan and Aaron Arnold.Courtney and Casey McKinney.Kris Robinson, Jessica Holman and Precious Stallings.Cheryl and Lou Komis.Cheryl and Lou Komis.Helen Heddens and Julie Mudd.Tricia Neuner and McKenzie Humphreys.Scooter Davidson, Lynn Huffman, Dan Colon, Rebecca Baldwin and Maria Beltran.Monica Barnett and Stephanie Baldyaga-Stagg.Louis Straub, Melissa Webb, Julie Mudd, Lynn Huffman and Priscilla Daffin.Amy Jo Goforth and Carrie Johns.Linda Jackson, Mayor Greg Fischer and Jennifer Lamkin.Marty Tichenor with Beth and Mike Keyes.Bob and Melissa Webb with Julie Mudd.