Fleur de Flea

On July 2, Waterfront Plaza was the site of the Fleur de Flea Vintage Urban Flea Market. Vendors from all over Kentuckiana were set up to sell their one-of-a-kind goods. Local food and drink purveyors were also on-hand to keep everyone refreshed on the hot day.

Photos by BILL WINE

Fleur de Flea Market.Gina Greenberg-Moeller.Laurie and Allison Doan.Fleur de Flea Market.Ellie and Steve Chadwick.Brain, Dene and Carter Eldridge.Holly and Casey Cashell.Brandon Thomas sliced a watermelon.Brandon Thomas served a slice of watermelon to Holly Cashell as Casey Cashell smiled.Kate Lesak and Matt Kraig.Fleur de Flea Market.Shelby Mathes and Mandy Raidt.Shelby Mathes, Mandy Raidt, Kasey,Susan and Kim Mathes.Sonny and Linda Moore.Leslie Rader and Lesley DePaola.Sarah McNees.Tony Hood and Ed Gilbert.Fleur de Flea Market.Fleur de Flea Market.Alex Ponce and Ethan Shepherd.Sunny Oliver and Joana Wade.Fran Craven and Addie Hill.Matt Feldhaus and Maria Klingler.Dalen Small, Ashley Shadburne and Karen Dunn.Jim and Cindy Gaffney.Rosie Kinch and Rachael Puckett.Fleur de Flea Market.Benji and Pauline Walters.Fleur de Flea Market.Fleur de Flea Market.