First Friday Trolley Hop

With weather warming up, NuLu saw a wonderful crowd for the April edition of its monthly First Friday Trolley Hop. Dressed for a crisp spring evening, participants ate, drank and shopped along East Market Street.

Photos by BILL WINE

Olivia Griffin.Jon Freels.First Friday Trolley Hop.Brad and Christine Clark.Sarah Hartson, Candi Mowery, Kacie Chase and Sarah Adams.Erin Mitchell and Bill Hardin.Keith \Sarah and Martha Vories.Gina Kokojan and Mary Reisert.Mike and Libby Probst.Steve and Andy Peake.Louisville Ballet Artistic Director Robert Curran gestured as he spoke during the retirement party held at The Garage for Dan Fedie ( in the red jacket). Cara Hicks stood by and listened.Louisville Ballet Artistic Director Robert Curran listened as  Dan Fedie talked and Cara Hicks stood by.Melanie Horn, Robert Curran, Cara Hicks, Leslie Oberhauser and Dan Fedie.Erica De La O and Kristopher Wojtera.Erin Manns, Kelsey Brookshire, Whitney Raymer and Scott Buffat.Rik Washburn, Amir Nahavandi, Katy Maria Heick, Michael Armstrong, Beaver Metzler and Phil McGooch.Nathan, Patrick and Sara Clark, Jack, Mandy, Matt and Lucy Yarger.Patrick Clark and Lucy Yarger.Mike, Helen, Martha and Amber Maloney.Anna Kelecy and Autumn Lindsey.Jason and Meg Graves.David Nichols.Micah Chandler.