FAT Friday Trolley Hop

Following tradition, the Frankfort Avenue “FAT Friday” Trolley Hop took place on March 25, the final Friday of the month. Participants had the opportunity to ride the free trolley throughout the Clifton, Crescent Hill and Butchertown neighborhoods, exploring the area’s myriad of shops, galleries, restaurants and bars.

Photos by BILL WINE

Nick Clay, Margaret Schneider and Pat Clay.Paula Parkerson and Brenda Shown.Cathy George and Jacquie Vanegas.Fat Friday Trolley Hop.Fat Friday Trolley Hop.Jake Hatley and Leah Jonaitis.Beautiful flowering trees added beauty to the Fat Friday Trolley Hop along Frankfort Avenue.Cathy and Jim Hill.Eric Smith and Dr. Keith Brooks.Ken and Kathy Herrington.John Krueger.Fat Friday Trolley Hop.Juliett Pham and Weston Hagan.Fat Friday Trolley Hop.Austin and Diana Brey.