Drag Brunch at Garage Bar

As a morning-to-afternoon delight, Garage Bar hosted a Drag Brunch on Saturday, March 19. Kicked off by a blessing from the Derby City Sisters, the event also featured the talents of queens Reva Deveraux, Savannah Lynn and Joshua Cain Crowe; kings Corey Castle and TB Sparrow; and DJ Brios. The event was emceed by Wil Heuser, and proceeds benefited the Kentuckiana AIDS Alliance.


Sister Zsa Zsa Gabortion and Ryan Benningfield.Savannah Lynn.Emcee Wil Heuser.Steve and Laura Lee Wilson.Corey Castle.Ummm...Reva Deveraux.Lauren Titus and John Garner.Reva Deveraux.Steve Wilson, Jay Kirk, Jason Scott, Louis and Peggy Heuser and Mark Monico.James Amaya, Bridget Groghan, Amber Browning, Jess Amburgey and Amelia Johnson.Wil Heuser and John Garner.Whitney Liles and Jenna Koff.Reva Deveraux.Novice Sister Salacia, Novice Sister Cordelia, Tina Groth and T.B. Sparrow.Suzanne Whayne, Wil Heuser, Michelle Mandro, Tonya Abeln, Cindy Carcione, Kristin Walls and Kathi Lincoln.Brandon Lowe and Kentuckiana AIDS Alliance VP John Garner.Ken and Av Foley.Brian Hardin, Ivy Salyer, Tim Brown and Bryan Foster.Av Foley and Nita Bernat.Tara Bassett and Hurricane Summers.Victor Rowe, Heather Falmen and Rick Milburn seated and Randy Correll, Beth Wilkerson and Kent Epler standing.Wil Heuser and Hurricane Summers.Courtney Sprigg.Peggy Heuser, Tara Bassett and Louis Heuser.Hurricane Summers.Tara Bassett and Hurricane Summers.