Downs After Dark

Horse lovers were treated to an evening’s entertainment at Downs After Dark at Churchill Downs on June 13. Guests had the chance to see American Pharoah, winner of the 141st Kentucky Derby and 12th Triple Crown victor, strut his stuff on the Paddock. Dressed in their best summer whites, participants enjoyed the music of electro-pop band The Pass.

Photos by TIM VALENTINO | Contributing Photographer

The Pass.The Pass.The Pass.The Pass.The Pass.Kristen Gardner and Jordann McGuffin.Brandi Reynolds, Michelle Lincoln, Amanda Mohr and A.K. Mader.Rakesh Gadde and Shawn Summerville.Dean Berry, Marla and Tony Viscardi and Tammy Berry.Dan Jones, Johanna Myers, Wayne Gallavin and Leslie Frye.Patty Frazier with one of the golden trphies presented to the team of American Pharoah.American Pharoah Owner Ahmed Zayat.Kendall and Shannon Cogan.American Pharoah Owner Ahmed Zayat.Shannon and Kendall Cogan with Jill Baffert.Ben and Justin Zayat.Greg Yopp, Jim and Barbara Pohler, Dee and Steve Spillman, Colin Yopp, Danny Bell, Patsi Yopp, Greg Schlegel, Lilly Lang and Genny Kapp.Ashley Brauer, Jon Sides, Catherine Silvey and Kevin Blair.Mike Downs...after dark.Sarah Redel and Tory Loebig.Abby Gray and Ashley Tolbert.Lindsey Wellendorf, Lauren Jackson, Chris McCrea, Rebekah Phillips and Alisa Gray.Peggy and Keith Meriwether, Karen Rowlette and Jackie Hamblin.Angela McCormick Bisig with Jeff, Bob, Becky and Bill Lamb.