Downs After Dark

For its latest Downs After Dark night racing event series, Churchill Downs went especially patriotic. Local country band Wildwood provided the entertainment, and Boss Hog’s BBQ, Mark’s Feed Store and 502 Cafe took care of the food. Guests also got to explore World War II and present-day Army equipment and military vehicles.


Linda Brown.John and Kayla Hager.Faith K., Joanna Thomas and Charles Hobbs.Randy and Jacque Heck, Cindy Powell, Merriett Mather and Michele Neal.SPC Daniel Badham, SFC Daniel Newman, SPC Kyle Slape and CPT David Stanley.Ann Peel, Jacob Badham, SPC Daniel Badham, SFC Daniel Newman, Mkenna Emmery, Kylie, Madison and Alice Slape, SPC Kyle Slape, Mario Slape, Rebel Stanley and CPT David Stanley.Maggie Ray and John Asher.SPC Kyle Slape and SPC Daniel Badham receive awards from John Asher.Ryan and Lindsi Emmerson.Larry Lenning and Jacey Rhorer.Eric Scherer and Elizabeth Hammond.Cash Rowland, Nate Peters, Vinny and Kely Smith and Thad DiGiuro.Darrell and Jayden Spurgeon.Shannon Nilest volunteering for her son\'s Bullitt East H.S. Marching Band.Heahr Falmen, Keith Zirbel, Dana and Rodney Brewer, and Tammy York-Day and Alex Day.Shelly Bush and DeDe Kelley.Chris Hartlage and Jennifer Brenzel Hartlage, Karen Hafendorfer McDonald and Tim McDonald.Joe Tousi, Jennifer Boahn, Cindy Carcione, Mary Barbara Partlow, Ray Carcione, Jean and Bill Shewciw and Janet Falk.Chuck Dobbins, John Reed, Marvin Beach, Nancy Reed, Jo Dobbins, Ann Travis and Don Stevens.Margaret Lawrence and Dary Higdon.Joe and Mary Bellino, Ed and Tina List, Barbara Trager and Jay Nussbaum.Piper and Hank.Tony Bayus, Lynn Dunbar and Craig Scherman.Wildwood.Wildwood.Wildwood.Wildwood.Wildwood.Wildwood.Wildwood.Wildwood.Wildwood.Wildwood.Wildwood.Wildwood.Wildwood.Wildwood.Wildwood.Wildwood.Wildwood.Wildwood.Wildwood.Wildwood.Wildwood.Wildwood.Wildwood.Wildwood.Wildwood.Wildwood.Wildwood.Wildwood.Wildwood.Wildwood.

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