Downs After Dark

The first Downs After Dark of the season was held on Saturday, June 18 at Churchill Downs. The theme was the White Party, and attendees enjoyed horseracing, cocktails, live music from The Bishops and fashions from 2016 KMAC Couture. Participants from several different organizations also gathered to form a human rainbow flag.


Meredith Dent, Lee Mayfield and Owner Chris Williams.Jessica Hundley and Sabrina Edlin.Rudy Gomez.Tom Hearn, Joe Sutton, Brady Reed, Whitney Pollinger and Molly Bobrow from Houston.Tina Clark, Lindsey Boone, Jea Hines ad Tammy Meadows.Cindy and Ray Carcione ad John ReisertMajestic Harbor owner Carol Hebel with George Stinson.Bob Haner, Sr. and Eric Haner.Kendal Curtis and Matt Yates.Chris Grantz, Bob Haner, Sr. and Eric Haner.Terra Long, Ray and Cindy Carcione and Harry Dennery.Sharon Jenkins, Melanie Miller, Kevin Kane and Annalee and Jim Worthington.Lisa Stemler, Mary Lou and Joyce Meyer, Jessica Moore, Leonard Meyer, Susan Moore and Evan Spalding.Phoebe Belew and Kasim Alsalman.John and Meaghan Woodward.Travis Hill.Jenifer Hobbs and Kim Haddox.Prince Crittenden, Olivia Griffin of Mysterious Rack and Gretchen Bell.Mike, Tammy and Kelly Recktenwald.David Grantz, Larry Sinclair and Ali Navigar.Phil Kelly.Phil Kelly.Liam, Cole and Pat Gallagher and Jim Cauley.Liam and Cole Gallagher, Anita Cauley, Pat Gallagher, Trey Young and jim Cauley.Pai Charasika, Nashville Nobody ad Kate Seymour.KY Thoroughbred Owners Group, Daniel Woodside, Angie and Paul McGee, David Osborne, Jean and Bill Shewciw, Margaret Woodside, Lori Osborne and Ron Beagle.Jennifer Boahn and Joe Tousi.Maureen Uhlin, James Eckart, Nikki and Joey Wagner, David Combs, Libby Atchison, Leslie Combs and Andy Atchison.Barbara Byrd, Allison Lewis and Valerie Smith.Ali Navigar and Laura Meadows.Derrika and Todd Mercer.Jean Cruguet with Michael Blowen and Mark Otto of Old Friends Thoroughbred Retirement.Tom and Suzanne Sims, Todd Mercer, Jerry Robey, Derrika Mercer, Greg and Teresa Kerose, Tim and Mary Reilly and Leigh and Robyn Moyers.Anita Kuhn, Linda Risen and Laura Swenson.Birthday Cake for Larry Sinclair.Birthday Cake for Larry Sinclair.Birthday Cake for Larry Sinclair.Birthday Cake for Larry Sinclair.Birthday Cake for Larry Sinclair.Birthday Cake for Larry Sinclair.Birthday Cake for Larry Sinclair.Birthday Cake for Larry Sinclair.KMAC Coutoure.KMAC Coutoure.KMAC Coutoure.KMAC Coutoure.KMAC Coutoure.KMAC Coutoure.

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